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Confidence is Key

Blog by: Scott Brands , Colorado 11/28/2017
You hear it over and over again: confidence is key. Sometimes this saying falls on deaf ears, and Iíll admit that I brushed that saying under the rug the first few times I heard it. After all, do fish somehow know when an angler is fishing with confidence? And does this flip a switch in their brain to now strike a lure? If fish canít tell if weíre confident in our approach then why would it make a difference?

One day I went out fishing a local pond with a buddy of mine. Although I had heard rumors of big bass in this pond I had never seen anything over 3 pounds. For the longest time I had caught plenty of 1-3 pounders on the traditional lures, but on that day my buddy hooked into a nice fish. That bass was somewhere in that 4 to 5 pound range but came unbuttoned after engaging in some aerobatics as bass often do. The next day I went back to this same pond with a whole new attitude. Now that I had seen a big bass I was determined to catch one of my own. That same day I caught a bass that weighed in at 4.8 pounds. 

After that day I never overlooked any body of water no matter how small it was. Once my attitude changed, the quality of my catches improved drastically. My theory is that when we fish with confidence we start doing the little things that make a big difference. We donít get lazy staring off into the distance while we go through the motions of twitching a jerkbait. We start paying attention to our surroundings more and notice things like what kind of cover we got that last bite in. Then sometimes you arrive at the lake and you just have that feeling of whatís going to work and whatís not. You might show up to a lake thinking youíre going to use one lure but then your gut tells you to use something else. When this happens I highly suggest fishing your instincts. 

This year I participated in the Colorado Kayak Fishing Club Bass series. At every single tournament, I ended up fishing with a bait different than the ones I had been using pre-fishing. Sometimes this meant small tweaks like trying a different color on tournament day and other times I ended up tying on a bait that I hadnít used at all in pre-fishing. My gut told me to make those changes, so I listened to that feeling and ended up finishing very well in those tournaments.

When you get to the point of believing that your next cast could land you a giant, even on a day when you havenít gotten a nibble, then youíre on the right track. Believe in your next cast, fish with confidence, and you will be rewarded.

Blog content © Scott Brands
Blog Comments
Coyute, CO   11/28/2017 11:05:40 AM
Good stuff.
Fish4Colorado, CO   11/28/2017 11:19:49 AM
Indeed, can't tell you how many times as I've launched the boat I've told my self and my buddies, I'm feeling great about this guys and we get into at least one fish, helps mentally and sometimes translates into good catching on the water. Although my confidence is higher from shore %80 more.
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   11/28/2017 1:32:16 PM
Confidence in a bait (fly, lure, or live) is a big deal too. I have so much confidence in the wool bugger for instance that I can fish it for hours without a strike. But something else I've not used won't last half an hour without a strike - which is bad for me.
Scott Brands (Skookshunter), CO   11/28/2017 4:56:24 PM
Good point Lloyd! Sometimes it can be hard to put down the lures we've all grown to love and try something new.
fargingicehole, CO   11/28/2017 11:10:39 PM
I agree with you completely! Throwing lures that I have confidence in has helped me tremendously this year, especially during tournaments. I always like trying new lures and techniques that suit my fishing style. I've learned a lot from you and others which in turn, has improved my success. Thanks for the blog!
pikeNcolorado, CO   11/29/2017 6:59:04 AM
Agreed. Confidence is a game changer for sure. Congrats on the tourney.
TigerHunter, CO   11/29/2017 11:30:37 AM
Another awesome piece Scott!