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Veteran's Day

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 11/11/2017
I'm drinking coffee and will have breakfast in a few minutes.  Then I'll walk down to my fishing buddy's house and we'll go fishing.  Crappie fishing is on the venue today.  I think I'll also throw out a line with a frozen shad on it to see if that will entice a Catfish to bite.  Crappie and Catfish, that would make a nice combo.

Today is Veteran's Day.  Originally this was Armistice Day, a day for celebrating the end of World War I, which ended November 11, at 11am.  Or 11/11/11 as it were.  At some point it became Veteran's Day, in England they have a similar day to Veteran's Day, and those that celebrate it wear a red Poppy.  

It's been a long long time since I was in the military, for one 3 year hitch, never left the States, didn't go into combat, so my service was pretty routine and didn't last long, although I was raised as an Air Force Brat until I was 16, so in some ways I was in the military for a long time.  My Father served for 27 years, he was in combat zones in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam.  I think there were only a few thousand that served in the same three wars.  He was from that Greatest Generation - and believe me they were truly great men.  I've known many of them.  They were heroes.

I'm drinking my coffee as I hear gunshots in the distance, probably deer hunters zeroing in.  The sun is just up, the lunch box is packed with Vienna Sausages, Saltine Crackers, Habanero Sauce for the Veeny Weeny's, a can of smoked herring, four cans of sparkling water, and a Styrofoam box of big fat Canadian worms.  I'm taking a fly rod that I will try some flys I tied for Crappie - and a spinning rod for the catfish attempt.  I'm probably going to be gone until well after dark.  I have a great Veteran's Day lined up.  I hope you do too.

For you Veterans out there - I'm proud of you for serving our nation, you have my total respect.
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Blog Comments
D-Zilla, SC   11/11/2017 9:30:38 AM
It was my honor. A big thank you to all my brothers and sisters who stood with me in defense of this great nation, and the freedoms we all hold dear.
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   11/12/2017 9:43:04 AM
Thank you sir. I spent Veteran's Day in a boat on a lake from early to late, completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Just me and a good friend and a lake full of reluctant fish. Love days like that.