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Texas Trout Season

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 11/1/2017
In about two weeks TPWD will release their trout stocking schedule for this winter.  Going by last year's schedule they will begin releasing in some areas in late November and be in full swing by mid December.

I'm going to tie some flys for these stocked trout.  From what I think I know - and that really begs the question - early released trout will hit on floating flys that look like pellet feed, then later on large bright dry flys, then later on largish darkish woolybuggers, and then after they've really acclimated on tiny little nymphs.  How does that stack up with your experience?

I plan to tie and stock up on these above - well the tiny nymphs I might buy if they are too difficult for my old eyes and shaky hands, but otherwise...I need to fill in some time between now and then so fly tying is my best idea.

I'm thinking of at least one trip to the Guadalupe trout run below the dam, it's supposed to be big time good.  I might take a kayak and float it.  Or maybe a tube.  Anyone here ever do either?  I was planning on buying a tube for next spring but maybe I'll move that purchase up some for trout fishing.

All feedback is really welcomed!


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