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Lake Athens Fishing Report 10-17-17

Blog by: Dakota Jones 10/17/2017

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What a week! I have had several trips booked between Lake Fork and Lake Athens, and I must say, I am very happy to be busy when the fishing is so good. We have recently seen some cold weather roll through East Texas and the bite is RED HOT on both Athens and Fork! Fall is one of my favorite times to fish. The bass will follow shad to shallow water and feast in preparation for winter. You can catch some really big fish this time of year too! In this report I will cover the current conditions on Lake Athens and how we have been catching our fish.

Fall bass fishing on Lake Athens is a blast!

For those that read my reports regularly, you already know most of the history behind the lake. I would like to remind everyone that Athens is a slot lake (14-21 inches) so be sure to have an accurate measuring board handy. Lake Athens may be my most favorite lake to fish in East Texas. The lake is very clean and filled with Hydrilla and other aquatic vegetation. There is only one boat ramp, but it is very clean and has plenty of space to park and launch. There is also a new restaurant at the marina. “The Boat House”, the food there is excellent! I highly recommend eating here on your next visit.

So far we have had a very warm fall, but this week has changed that. It seems each day is getting colder and the fishing even better. As the temperatures drop, the shad begin to move shallow and the bass are not far behind. I will admit that we are not catching the numbers of fish that we usually do on this lake, but the quality is much better. Athens is a fairly small lake and does not have any definite “spawning creeks.” It’s really a big pond with several coves. Traditionally in the fall you would focus on major creeks, instead, on Athens I focus more on structure like points and flats to locate fish. 0-5 FOW seems to be where the majority of the active fish are. Athens has “eel grass” that grow s in this particular depth range. The deepest edge of this grass is where the majority of bites come from. Soft plastics rigged weed less are my go-to, but moving baits like the  Strike King Red Eye Shad are best when it’s windy. I fish plastics like a Texas-rigged Rage Tail anaconda worm on 15lb Fluorocarbon line and a Temple Fork Outfitters GTS C 736-1 casting rod. I prefer 20lb Fluorocarbon line and a Pacemaker TPM CB 745-1 casting rod for lip-less crank baits.

I hope this information is helpful on your next fishing trip. If you want to get out and enjoy this little lake and catch some big fall bass, contact me to book your trip! I still have some dates available for this month: October 17,18,19,20,21,22,24,25,26,27,28,29 and 30th. My rates are $300 Half-day and $400 Full-day (1-2 anglers). Thanks for reading and I look forward to fishing with you soon


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Blog Comments
Dave Mauldin, TX   10/17/2017 11:13:04 AM
10-4 on the cool weather turning the bigger bass on, and shallower....and I used to love fishing Lake Athens, especially in the fall!
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   10/18/2017 12:02:57 PM
Great information!