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Summer Rain

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 7/13/2017
Sunday I was out in the river fishing.  It was sunny and hot.  

It was the kind of day when the sunlight is harshly bright.  Squinting is required kind of harshly bright light.  And hot.  

Unexpectedly - because I hadn't checked the forecast - clouds started rolling in.  A rain front preceded by dark and low clouds was arriving from the North.  

And that magic happened.  You know that magic, you've been there.  The cloud cover cooled the harsh light down into a softer light with a greenish cast to it.  Light you no longer need to squint in, or wear sunglasses in.  Beautiful light that makes you wish you were a painter that could capture it, that kind of light.  

The softer light made the pupils open up more and fine details became increasingly discernible.  The configurations of bark on a tree trunk become beautiful, capture the gaze and hold it far longer than normal.  Everything is cast in relief, everything takes on a glow as though the light was coming from inside.  A cool breeze stirs across you and you smile as you just stand there admiring the beauty that has arisen from what had been a hot and glaring place.  A Phoenix rising from the ashes kind of event.

A few fat drops of rain fall around you, the water's surface dimpled here and there.  You breathe in deep and the air has a fresh quality overlaid on top of smells of dry grass just getting wet and something else you can't quite define but can't get enough of.

This all lasts for only a few moments, and you know it won't last long, so you stop casting and just take it in, briefly becoming a primal element among primal elements.  It is a total experience, all of your senses are involved at a hundred percent awareness level. And you're not thinking, you are just being there, aware, completely in that moment.

The rain picks up in intensity and the light fades into semi-darkness.  That inner glow to everything is now gone - subsumed by the darker light that has taken over - the magic of the moment has passed.  

But something from that golden glow lingers inside you for several days.  You think about it occasionally as you go about your daily routines.  

You smile inside and remember the light.
Blog content © Lloyd Tackitt
Blog Comments
esoxrocks, CO   7/14/2017 12:29:35 PM
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   7/14/2017 9:24:26 PM
Love that movie!