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The Magic Bass Hole

Blog by: Jim McFarland , Colorado 4/27/2017
We all know a special place to fish.  Maybe it's one of solitude, serene and a destination to forget all your worries.  Or it's the place you KNOW you're going to catch fish with the potential for something special.  There is an area near Malone,TX that fills all the above mentioned criteria.  A small 6 water acre pond stocked in 1972 for the sole purpose of having a special bass pond.  I'm not sure what all is in the pond now as there are plenty of blue gill and once even caught a tiny crappie there.  The owner and I speculate that birds could have brought some over, not to mention Navarro Mills Lake sometimes floods and might have transported other fish in that way.

When people think of TX they always think of the panhandle which is essentially grasslands from there to South Dakota. Or West TX which is often arid and desert like.  However, this little pond is located an hour or so south of Grand Prairie and is how I think of TX. Green rolling hills covered with oaks and mesquite trees and dotted with lakes and ponds just about everywhere. Small towns scattered here and there with the friendliest people you could ask for.  And food?  Well in this region of TX, I'm often one of the "small" people.  lol

With a little arm twisting I convinced Kev-O to join me on this trip to a true bass mecca. We departed Saturday morning 15 Apr for an 11 hour drive.  Although both of us were a little tired when we got down there, we opted to head to the pond instead of checking into the hotel. When we arrived at the pond Kevin observed the scenery was much like Wisconsin.  Well except instead of dairy cattle TX has beef cattle. Anyway, we quickly set up our toons in preparation for the next morning and still had daylight left. We rigged up a couple rods and got down to business.

Immediately we were on fish and having a blast. Within 2 hours I had caught between 25 or 30 bass and Kevin caught a bunch more.  Kev was pretty excited and his excitement was contagious. Those 2 hours flew by and we were both wanting to stay longer, but we also wanted to get an early start the next morning so we headed out.  That night I introduced Kev to What-a-burger, my favorite fast food place.  The food is always hot and fresh and delicious!

From what I just told you, you may be thinking, ďsounds like you could throw anything and catch fish thereĒ.  You wouldnít be completely wrong.  If you throw small baits, you can indeed catch fish by the 100ís all in the 1 to 1.5 lb range.  But for the larger fish it isnít quite so easy.  There isnít a good way to describe the pond without you actually seeing it.  To say itís full of hydrilla is almost an understatement.  There are two small areas where you might be able to throw a crank or jerk bait.  But overall, you have to throw top water and weedless baits.  Good top water bassin, is more addictive than anything known to mankind.

The excitement when a really big fish blows up your lure will absolutely make your heart raceÖ. or stop.  Buzz bait, whopper plopper, jitterbug and many more are highly effective on this pond and elsewhere.   Really good anglers make top water fishing look easy, but it isnít.  Your initial reaction is to immediately set the hook and thatís about the worst possible thing you can do.  The key is patience.  When that hit comes, you need to reel down, feel the weight of the fish and then set the hook. Then your adrenaline can start all over again.

While top water is the most fun, the most consistent way to get large fish from this pond is plastics.  In this scenario, the Zoom Horny Toad in particular.  Iíve tried many different plastics here and caught fish on all of them but the toad consistently produces the big bite.  While this lure is designed as a top water bait, my favorite thing to do is rig it with a size 5/0 weighted Trokar swimbait hook and jig it off the hydrilla.  While itís not a huge bait, it is good sized and itís exciting when you pull a fish up that has literally inhaled the whole toad.  The other thing I love about the toad rigged this way, I can also throw it into the nastiest slop and either jig or use as top water and get to where the fish are hiding.

Needless to say, we had an amazing time and I really enjoyed introducing Kevin to TX and what a great place it can be.  I know heís absolutely hooked on the fishing, not to mention all the nice folks and wonderful food.  The pond owners, Mr and Mrs Henley could not possibly have made us feel more welcome and Iím proud theyíre my friends.

Here is a video of some fish from the Magic Bass Pond, hope you enjoy.

Blog content © Jim McFarland
Blog Comments
culinarypunk, WY   4/27/2017 1:50:12 PM
Kev-o, CO   4/27/2017 2:00:08 PM
Couldn't have had more fun in Texas! Good food, friendly people, outstanding fishing and decent weather. Won a $150 on a scratch ticket too lmao! You know how to have a good time Jim I'll give you that! Thanks for sharing your favorite fishing hole with me.
Dave Mauldin, TX   4/30/2017 8:43:04 PM
Jim, good to hear of your great visit to, I went thur Brownwood last weekend, and ate at Underwoods! My mother-in-law and father-in-law from Blanket are resting in Early......You are one of the few who knows where Blanket and Early is. Come back soon!
ultralightfanatic, CO   4/30/2017 8:51:08 PM
Brought back some memories for me Jim. I had the pleasure of living and working in the Grand Prairie area back in the day and your video reminded me of days long past. I'm glad you got to take Kevin and show him the sights (and fish) of that part of Texas.
spicyhombre, CO   4/30/2017 11:31:42 PM
That's a good year of bassin guys. Crazy that it was only 2 days.
jeanettebcrivello, CA   5/1/2017 12:09:14 AM
Thats great.
Jim McFarland (anglerwannabe), CO   5/1/2017 9:13:26 AM
Thanks everyone. Dave I also know where Coleman, Bangs and Cross Plains are. lol I usually go about twice a year. John, very happy that this brought back some fond memories for you. Even introduced Kev to a beer barn and Lone Star beer. Bill, it was 4 days but we got seriously rained out a couple times. That pond is an absolute blast. Jeanette, welcome to the forum
ralpert, CO   5/2/2017 4:11:07 PM
I want to go!
FISHRANGLER, CO   5/2/2017 5:32:12 PM