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Dave Mauldin
"Dave Mauldin" - Guest Blogger

A fishing adventure

Guest Blog by: Dave Mauldin 4/19/2017
Four years ago, I pulled my boat out to Lake Travis Mansfield Dam parking lot, one Tuesday afternoon, where I heard they were having a tournament. There were a bunch of red neck bubbas leaning on their boats bs'ing and I waded into the middle of them.....Introduced myself, and announced I wanted to fish the tournament. Several said they would be glad to take my money. I replied, I've never fished here and need to know what to throw. One guy (also in a Bass Cat boat) said: "Come over here....This is all you need." He gave me a handful of GrandeBass soft plastic stick baits.
Well I headed up the lake a short distance, because I didn't want to get lost in the dark. Shortly before dark, I headed back to the ramp because I was really beginning to think I might get lost in the dark. I had not had a bite, and was considering loading up an hour early and heading home, but I saw a long point close to the ramp, and keeping my eye on the ramp (still worried about getting lost) I started fishing, and dang if I didn't catch five keepers, with one good one! ...Went to weigh-in at 10 p.m. and nearly made a check.....felt pretty good.
Two years ago I teamed up with that same guy who gave me the magic baits, and we fished a similar tournament on Lake Austin......We forgot to secure the live well lids and one of our best fish jumped out on the way to weigh-in....cost us a check. We swore we would redeem ourselves some day.
Last night, Don Gordon and I went out on Lake Travis and won a tournament against 30 plus teams. I've had some great fishing trips, and great tournaments, but will treasure this one...because it was with Don.
Don is a great guy, well respected by his peers. He was the first to step up and help me, a total stranger. He will always be my friend.
BTW, one of the fish we caught last night weighed 5 3/4# and was full of there are still a few main lake fish still to spawn......Those are the ones that win you tournaments, and I am still a big fan of GrandeBass soft plastics.....
Dave is a professional angler, serious conservationist, and dedicated to the sport of bass fishing. Dave has been competing and representing his sponsors professionally for the past 20+ years. Both Dave and his associate companies are very proud to be working together. He was the first FLW pro to break the 100# mark, and held the FLW record during 2006/2007: 105 lbs 8oz at Amistad during his first visit there. Associates: Bass Cat Boats, Royal Purple Lubricants, American Rodsmiths, House Medic, Stanley Jigs, SolarBat Sunglasses, Seaguar, TTI Blakemore, Cool Foot, Mend-It
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Blog Comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   4/19/2017 1:01:03 PM
Great story! Thank you for sharing. I think either fishing draws good people, or fishing makes good people. Not sure which, but fishermen, as a general rule, are solid respectable and generous.
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   4/19/2017 1:02:49 PM
And CONGRATULATIONS! 30 teams beaten is no small feat.
anglerwannabe, CO   4/22/2017 6:29:17 AM
congratulations on a great victory. And I'm a big fan of zoom horny toad! lol