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A Superb Moment

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 4/18/2017

Every once in a while we have a "Superb Moment". They come in many forms. I had one yesterday.

I was off work and there was still daylight, I waded into the river. A storm was coming from the north. I looked up river, I saw the darkness approaching, I thought I only had a few minutes, I had less than that.

With my first cast the wind whipped up and howled out of that storm, and the temperature dropped ten degrees. To cast to my left I had to cast way off to the right and let the wind carry it. That darkness was coming quickly.

Leaves were being ripped from the trees and were blowing down like green snow fall. The water shredded, and choppy, with emerald green leaves all over the surface spinning and scudding in crazy directions.

And now the river was suddenly coming up fast. The current had picked up, doubled, then tripled - I could see the river rapidly rising against the bank, coming up my legs, the rising water arriving precisely with the storm. The ripping hard wind brought the first pelting of ice cold rain.

The sky quickly and thoroughly darkened with the rain, black clouds down low and moving fast, wind riven. Thunder booming with a guttural loud rolling sound directly overhead, lightning flashing behind me in a strobe light effect.

A bass hit my fly, the fly line tightened, the rod bowing in half as the fish took advantage of the swift current and fought hard, making quick runs from side to side - and then it leaped out of the water shaking its head back and forth as lightning lit up the darkened sky and made him shine white, his eyes glowing red. Sudden laughter whipped away into the storm, sounding like a cross between insanity shaking loose and sheer delight.

That moment - that bass in the air, the hard thunder, the crazy laughter, the storm, the rising water, the green snowfall, the ripped water surface, the cold rain, the darkness, the flashes of lighting, the cold air - that was a superb moment.

We get a few of those, and they are more precious than all the gold and diamonds on earth.
Blog content © Lloyd Tackitt
Blog Comments
Kennywho, TX   4/18/2017 2:11:31 PM
Be careful lest you become boiled by the lightning!
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   4/18/2017 2:56:05 PM
I figure five seconds to the mile and when it gets to 25 seconds I usually leave out, figuring five miles is already too close. This one though just kind of bloomed right over head. Trust me, I was leaving the scene as I was removing the hook from the bass.