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Consider Water

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 4/17/2017
Every drop of water that we've ever touched has recycled about a bizillion times.
The water we fish in is formed from particles blown out in the big bang 13.7 billion years ago. Those particles were drawn together to form a gas, that gas spiraled inwards to form this planet and portions of it became water under the intense pressures of planet formation.
The water we fished in this morning was once a part of stars that have long since exploded, it was in dinosaur urine, in a gladiator's sweat in the Roman arena as a sword pierced his heart and it was in the blood that ran down his chest, it was in a vapor trail behind a super-sonic jet.
The water we fish in has been all those things and a million times more, and it will continue recycling into and out of the most amazing forms long after we are gone, long after this planet is vaporized by the sun. We borrow water for but a brief few seconds in its long history and its even longer future.
No life form of any kind has ever been discovered that does not require water. Every single living organism on this planet has to use water.
When we fish in water, we touch the history of every living thing that ever existed on this planet.
We fish in the history of Earth's formation out of gas spiraling around in the cold vastness of infinite space.
We fish in the history of the formation of the cosmos.
We fish in the fabric of the universe itself.
That humble seeming water is made of the most fantastic and powerful magic ever imagined. 
And yet, our fishing waters are easily polluted.  Two things we can do on every fishing trip that has an immediate impact.  
    1.  Bring back every thing we take with us.
    2.  Bring back at least one extra thing with us. 
Water, it is real magic. 

Blog content © Lloyd Tackitt
Blog Comments
OldMikkDale, CO   4/17/2017 10:51:28 AM
Lloyd, for those of us who live in NE Colo. We are in the South Platte drainage area and our water goes into Nebr. Befor it gets to Nebr. it is estimated it is used and reused 5 to 6 times. Water conservation is a growing concern and practice now. I live in Greeley and the city has an ongoing 50 year plan for water. Owning water rights is like owning gold and the cost of good rights is skyrockening. Your comments about trash is so true, in resent years 2 reservoirs in our area have been closed to fishing due to trash.
Dave Mauldin, TX   4/17/2017 8:38:52 PM
I've often said there is really one thing that can ruin a fishery: Humans. That is also true of other game animals. Once the wild turkey was nearly eliminated....NWTF does a great job of restocking and reintroducing the bird. We have seen some of the best lakes over fished, polluted, poisoned the grass, and grass carp added which devoid the lake of grass. Agree with you Lloyd, not only do we need to take care of the water, but the fishery.
Fishergal, CO   4/18/2017 7:59:22 AM
We teach our grandgirls....what you pack in, you pack out. If you see trash, even if it is not yours pack it out. We hope to plant the seeds...if you take care of your world, it will continue to bless you.