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Dave Mauldin
"Dave Mauldin" - Guest Blogger

What are the bass doing in Texas now? In April?

Guest Blog by: Dave Mauldin 4/16/2017
As much as I would still like to be fishing for main lake spawning fish, I would estimate the spawn is nearly over on most central Texas and northern Texas lakes. Southern lakes are well into summer patterns.
I did go out and win last Tuesday evening's team tournament on Lake Travis. (fishing solo)
It was one of my goals - to win a local team tournament fishing by myself.
Next week I'm going with my ole buddy Don Gordon, and see if we can pull it off.
Right now, we need to be thinking summer patterns....get off the bank....start looking out there.
If your deep fish in the summer come out of 18' (like Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend)...start edging out that deep, maybe 14-16'
If you are fishing a clear central Texas highland lake, and you catch them in 24' in the summer....start looking in 13-14' and head out deeper as needed. I am already finding lots of fish in 24'.
Good luck, be safe! Please watch out for recreational traffic...they may not be watching for you!
...and if you really want an adventure, plan a night fishing trip three days prior to the full moon...but you Must be well prepared to fish at night. Weird things happen out there at night.
Dave is a professional angler, serious conservationist, and dedicated to the sport of bass fishing. Dave has been competing and representing his sponsors professionally for the past 20+ years. Both Dave and his associate companies are very proud to be working together. He was the first FLW pro to break the 100# mark, and held the FLW record during 2006/2007: 105 lbs 8oz at Amistad during his first visit there. Associates: Bass Cat Boats, Royal Purple Lubricants, American Rodsmiths, House Medic, Stanley Jigs, SolarBat Sunglasses, Seaguar, TTI Blakemore, Cool Foot, Mend-It
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Blog Comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   4/17/2017 6:19:10 AM
Excellent blog Dave! That's some rock solid information. I used to like night fishing until I learned (the hard way of course) that moccasins are attracted to lights at night. Probably not an issue in a boat, but sitting on the bank or wading around it can become one. At night, that's the only thing I worry about because otherwise night is just a dark day. Again, great blogs! I'm really enjoying and learning from them. So thank you! AND CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WIN!