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Fishing Is Back!

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 2/19/2017
Yesterday I waded out into the river and the water was perceptibly warmer and I caught 6 nice bluegills.  Went back out today and all I can say is WOW!

I checked the weather and we had a high chance of rain, a lowering barometer, overcast sky, and no wind.  With the water being a bit warmer on top of all that I thought it was a good time to fish.  The barometer would be going back up about 2pm from the looks of it.  

I waded out into the water at 10am, and the water was chilly but not cold.  For once in my life I remembered to bring a thermometer.  The water was 65 F.  That's pretty good for fishing.

I got to my favorite spot and caught a big bluegill on the second cast.  Pretty soon I was catching a big bluegill on every cast.  For nearly two hours I was catching either big bluegills or nice size (some big) crappie on every cast.   I'm not exaggerating even a tiny little bit when I say I am sure I caught over 100 fish in two hours.  

And they were all fighting like champions too!  I caught a small bass, a four or five pound drum and so many bluegills and crappie that I literally lost count.  It was awesome.  It was fantastic.  It was like a fever dream.  It was transcendental.  I have had few better days, probably no better days than today - although I'm sure I've had one or two as good.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  This was extraordinarily outstanding.  Way beyond anything I hoped for.

I took a couple of pictures.  The bluegill in the picture is about average for what I caught, although I caught bigger ones.  The crappie is small for the average I caught, average crappie was about twice as big as this one.

And then the sun broke through the clouds and a breeze came through and the fish slowed way way down.  Another hour and they had shut down entirely.  The front had passed through.  And probably a good thing because I think I had caught and released every fish in that part of the river, I was starving to death, and my back was hurting from so much casting and catching.  It was a happy walk home.

Maybe, if the weather is good tomorrow (rain forecast right now) I'll go back with a stringer and try to bring home enough crappie for dinner for two.  Had I taken a stringer today I would have filled it up and emptied it and filled it up a dozen times.   

That is what fishing is all about on the Brazos in the spring time!
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Blog Comments
Steveeve, CA   2/21/2017 1:02:59 AM
Is that a Piscifun Sword fly reel? My friend Jason in Sparks, NV, has the golden one on his rod. I used it for a few times. Smoooooth enough. Dunked it. No issue.
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   2/21/2017 6:02:41 AM
You have a good eye! Yes, that's the reel. I have it on my 5 wt, it gets dunked regularly and so far so good.
culinarypunk, WY   2/21/2017 9:43:23 AM
I should get out today while it's "warm" (50) before it goes back down to winter temps for a week...