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Stocking reports

Blog by: Dale Daugherty , Wyoming 7/31/2015

I'm always asking friends, fishing shops, Google and Facebook friends about fishing spots that I've never been to. I don't like to go into a new spot blind. Especially when my wife or friends are joining me! I always want to out fish my fishing buddy! And I always want my wife to kick my butt in that department.

After moving to Wyoming, I realized all game and fish departments were not set up the same.  I could not find most the information I was able to find in Colorado easily. Emails didn't work and neither did phone calls, I hate talking on the phone anyway. Until I started reading the WGFD newsletters and news releases.

When I lived in Colorado, I realised how easy it was to find stocking reports for most every water in the state. The CPW made it super easy to find! Emails didn't work and neither did phone calls, I hate talking on the phone anyway.

Now that I know where to look and can share the info I find myself being very selective these days about sharing. Is it because it took me forever to find it through hard work or because I feel some things don't need to be said? Rainbow trout stocking? Sure, I'll tell ya that. Tiger trout and golden trout stocking? You better be my wife or friend and it will be in person. Why? Because I value these fish in a higher standard than rainbows. They are more rare and they definitely take better pictures! 

Do you use stocking reports?
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Blog Comments
Hawaiian Punch, CO   8/4/2015 12:46:07 PM
They have no help for me when it comes to eyes,here in CO I will pay attention to trout stocking at certin lakes as right after they stock trout I like to hunt for the wipers that like to eat trout.