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Two new articles up

Blog by: David Coulson , CO 3/13/2012

Two new articles have just been posted.  The first, “Deep Trolling Options” by Dan Swanson, covers tactics to get your lures down deep to suspended walleyes when they won’t dive that deep on their own.  While these tactics are illustrated fishing for walleye, anyone who trolls for other species, will find the information useful. Many species, such as lake trout go deep at some point during the year and thus these methods apply fishing for them,also.

The second article only appears on the Texas page, as is the case for many articles that are written about local waters.  Lloyd Tackitt’s, Texas State editor, piece “Fly Fishing the Brazos,”  covers fly fishing tactics for his home water, backyard actually, the Brazos River.  While the article is specific to the Brazos, the methods presented are applicable to many rivers, especially warm water rivers.  Plus, as many of you have noted, Lloyd is an excellent writer and this piece is no exception.  It is a good read, no matter where you call home.

Over the next couple weeks, we should have several more articles up in our continual effort to provide Fish Explorer members with plenty of fresh reading.  Please note that it is worth visiting all the state pages now and then.  Granted there are many similarities in structure.  However, each state has its own editors, bloggers, writers, waters, different fish species, etc. Consequently, like Lloyd’s article, you can often find some great reads that are not available on every state page.

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