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Fish Explorer State Editor Program
The State Editor is the general manager of everything that is specific to in his/her state. The key components are managing user-generated-content and coordinating volunteer administrators. provides a variety of tools and reports that make managing the website easy. This position is not a full time job - it is easily managed by someone that loves fishing and has 5-10 hours a week to check in on the website.

In the initial phase of launching a new state on, many day-to-day duties will be light and manageable by the State Editor. As the state website develops and traffic/usage increases, duties will need to be assigned to volunteers and focus will shift more towards management of these administrators. The objective for the State Editor is to oversee primary volunteers and content generation.

The State Editor position is the only paid administrative position for the website. Compensation is commission based on a variety of performance criteria. It is designed so that the demand on time is relative to the amount paid.

This position includes a variety of tasks that can be handled efficiently by one person checking into the website a few times daily. Many of the tasks are designed to be delegated to volunteer admins. Here is an example list of items that will be involved:
  • Coordination of conditions reports
  • Finding and assigning volunteer admins
  • Lake/river completion, info updates and additions
  • Forum and UGC management
  • Coordination of Field Editors and Bloggers
  • News and calendar admin
  • Reviewing/editing feature articles
  • Managing relationships with fish/game agency and fishing clubs
  • Communication with and management of members/users
The State Editor is the primary face to in the state. The State Editor is held in the highest regard and is asked to maintain the highest quality ethics and values that have been instilled in We ask for the most responsible and diligent people to assume the role of State Editor; those who will represent the website and manage their responsibilities with the greatest care and judgment.

To apply for the State Editor position with in your state, please send your resume, references, and examples of any written work or a fishing-related bio to

Please be sure to include:
  • Full name, address, and contact information
  • U.S. State you're interested in working with
  • Resume and references
  • Previous experience that makes you great for this position
  • What interests you about taking on this role
  • How many hours/week you can commit immediately and in future
  • Whether you will be able to check into the website daily
  • What your current employment status is
  • Your position in the fishing industry (guide, writer, avid fisherman, etc.)