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Fish Explorer Points FAQ

What are Fish Explorer Points?

Points are form of recognition for your contributions to the website. This is a way to acknowledge those committed to the concept. Thank you for your support of our community and this continuously developing platform.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by doing such things as submitting lake/river reports, uploading photographs, etc. Here are some examples:
  • Submit Conditions Reports (per approved lake/river report):
    • 5-50 points for a written conditions report
    • 5-50 points for a water temperature update
    • 5-50 points for a water level update
    • 5-50 points for a status update
    Points are evaluated based on need and quality of report.
  • Become a Skipper: Skippers earn points for not only providing their own reports, but also managing and approving/editing reports coming in from other members.
  • Upload Photographs: 5 points per approved photograph
  • Calendar Events: 5 points per approved event submission
  • Forum Posts: points per post depending on "Fins-up" likes from others
  • Lake & River Information Edits: points vary (contact us to help manage lake and river pages)
  • Articles & Guest Blogs: points vary (contact us)
Skippers, calendar editors, news editors, club liaisons, and lake/river editors have greater opportunity to gain points. All points granted are pending approval of submissions.

How can I use points?

Use points for discounts on FxR+ subscriptions, free Contributing Memberships, and entries in our annual Winter Giveaway (which offers a chance of winning dozens of great fishing prizes).

FxR+ Subscription Discounts:Get FxR+

  • $3 off 12-month subscription for 200 points
  • $5 off 12-month subscription for 500 points
  • $7 off 12-month subscription for 1,000 points
  • $10 off 12-month subscription for 2,500 points
  • $20 off 12-month subscription for 5,000 points
  • Free 12-month subscription for 7,500 points

Contributing Membership:Register

  • 1 month per 200 points
  • 6-months for 1,000 points
  • 9-months for 1,500 points
  • 12-months for 2,000 points

What are Year Points and All-Time Points?

In your My Account page, you will see a table showing your points.
  • All-time Points Earned - Every member has an "All-time Points Earned" figure which is an ongoing accumulation of points regardless of how many are used indicative of a member's overall contribution to the website.
  • Year Points Earned - "Year Points" is how many points you have earned in the current calendar year.
  • Available All-time Points - "Available All-time Points" is the balance of overall points available for you to use on things like FxR+ discounts.
  • Available Year Points - "Available Year Points" is the balance of points that are available to use on things like the Winter Giveaway.
Once points are used to acquire something like a Winter Giveaway entry or a discount, they are deducted from available points. "Year Points" resets January 1 of each year and "All-time Points" carry over from year to year.

How do I know how many points I have?

Go to the My Account page, when logged in, and your points are listed there.