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Welcome to the Fishing Report as heard every Saturday morning on 87.7 The TICKET Outdoors Radio Show. The segment will be replayed here every Monday. Hosted by Tim Emery and Terry Wickstrom, the segments will include interviews with partners, members, guides, and other famous fishermen from around Colorado. The segment will also include current lake and river conditions, news and events for Just click on the play button! You will need Flash capabilities in your browser. You may also download the clips for later listening. Each piece will be 15 minutes give or take, and will be available long after they initially air.
Win $10,000 on Saturday?
Hosted by Tim Emery 05.09.11

SPECIAL EDITION! Do you want to win $10,000 this weekend? You can by fishing the Aurora Trout tournament. This special podcast is with Justin Clark he is the director of events for the city of Aurora. Listen for the details of the event and a few secrets
In Studio with Terry Wickstrom
Hosted by Tim Emery 05.02.11

Tim Emery was in the studio this week with Terry Wickstrom. Listen to the replay of last Saturday's segment on The Ticket Outdoors.
Walleye post spawn. What to do now?
Hosted by Tim Emery 04.25.11

Replay of Saturdays interview with Dan Swanson on The Ticket OutDoors 102.3 and 105.5 FM. Walleye is the focus!
Tim Emery Talking updates
Hosted by Tim Emery 03.10.11

This Podcast is from Saturday March 5ths show on 87.7 FM The Ticket Outdoors.
Chad LaChance Talking Navajo Pike
Hosted by Chad LaChance 02.28.11

Chad LaChance returns from Navajo Reservoir and talks about the great winter pike fishing.
Jim Strawbridge Talking Bass on The Ticket
Hosted by Tim Emery 02.23.11

Jim Strawbridge was our guest on The Ticket Outdoors Saturday Feb. 19. We discussed Bass fishing, Pueblo res, and ice fishing for bass. Chad LaChance was filling in for Terry Wickstrom Fishing Report on 87.7 FM The TICKET! Feb. 5, 2011
Hosted by Tim Emery 02.08.11

This weeks radio show talks about, it's people, reports, and services. We even talk about Reconfisher.
The Outdoor Report with Chad LaChance 87.7 The Ticket Jan. 29
Hosted by Chad LaChance 02.02.11

Chad LaChance gives us an update on fishing conditions around the state. As heard on 87.7 The Ticket OutDoors Saturday Morning Jan. 29, 2011. Fishing Report 87.7 The Ticket Jan. 29, 2011
Hosted by Tim Emery 02.02.11

This weeks Fishing Reports guest was Jim Gasner of Rocky Mountain Outfitters in Grand Lake, Colorado. Fishing Report on 87.7 FM The TICKET! January 22, 2011
Hosted by Tim Emery 01.25.11

This is a new feature for every Monday we will be replaying the Fishing Report that aired over the weekend. If you missed the show on Saturday you can here it on Monday.
98 podcasts later! What a ride
Hosted by Tim Emery 01.13.11

2 years ago I started this podcast with the hopes of keeping a toe in the fishing industry. Today I am fully in the fishing industry and love it. Things are going to change on the podcast in the next couple of weeks. Are you ready?
Terry Wickstrom's New Radio Home
Hosted by Tim Emery 12.23.10

Terry Wickstrom is moving his outdoor radio show to 87.7 The Ticket it will air at the same time from 8-10 Saturday mornings starting January 8, 2011. I will be hosting a segment. Listen as we talk to Terry about the move.
Greg Thomas talking Steelhead and ISE.
Hosted by Tim Emery 12.16.10

Greg Thomas is the Managing Editor for Fly Rod and Reel and will be a presenter at this years ISE show in Denver. Greg has spent the last 20 years chasing Steelhead and trout in the Northwest.
Bill Lowen Bassmaster Elite Series
Hosted by Tim Emery 12.09.10

Bill Lowen took time out of his practice for the Bassmaster Classic to talk to us. Yes, he was on his boat in the Louisiana Delta pre-fishing for the Classic in February. Bill finished 20th in the rankings last year and tells us some of his secrets.
Tips for Cheesman this winter with Pat Dorsey
Hosted by Tim Emery 12.02.10

This week we talk to local legend and fisherman Pat Dorsey. Pat gives us tips on fishing Cheesman Canyon and other tail waters this winter. Pat's also gives us insight to his new book and the "Fly of the Month Club"
An Entirely Synthetic Fish?
Hosted by Tim Emery 11.18.10

What kind of book title is that? Why would I care to read a book like this? Those were my first questions when I saw this book come out about 1 year ago. Then I heard the author speak and it turns out the title doesn't do the book justice.
Tips to tie flies and catch more fish
Hosted by Tim Emery 11.11.10

Our guest on this weeks podcast is A.K. Best. A.K. is one of the best fly fisherman and tiers in the world. A.K. tells us some of his secrets and stories you won't want to miss.
I want to be like Kevin Van Damn
Hosted by Tim Emery 11.04.10

Not Really, but I would like to be like our guest on this weeks podcast. Jim Strawbridge AKA. Basstard (screen name) is our guest. Jim just got back from fishing the BassMaster Open event on Lake Texoma and gives us the details on the experiance.
Ten 15lb+ Fish? In Colorado?
Hosted by Tim Emery 10.28.10

Can you catch 15lb fish in Colorado rivers? Maybe? or maybe I had to travel outside the state. King Salmon are big, ugly and fun to catch. Listen to this podcast to find out where I had to go to get this done.
Fly Fishing Team USA Tips with Dr. Anthony Naranja
Hosted by Tim Emery 10.14.10

Dr. Anthony Naranja is the captain of Fly Fishing Team USA and a dentist in Denver. Anthony is one of the best fisherman I have ever met. Listen as we talk about Team USA, adaptability, and teeth.
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