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Colorado Master Angler Award Qualifying Lengths

The Colorado Division of Wildlife'sMaster Angler Award Program recognizes anglers who catch fish of trophy size and promotes the wise use and conservation of those trophy fish. The award program has two categories one for fish that are kept, and one for fish that are released. Anglers who qualify for an award must submit an application form that details the catch of the fish. Qualifying lengths for each species are listed in this brochure. The award program is based on lengths of fish rather than on weight, so that caught fish may be measured and released if desired. For more information on the Colorado Master Angler Award Program, visit the official website...
American eel 24 inches
Arctic char 18 inches
Black bullhead 14 inches
Blue catfish 30 inches
Bluegill 10 inches
Brook trout 16 inches
Brown trout 22 inches
Channel catfish 30 inches
Chinook salmon 26 inches
Common carp 30 inches
Crappie 15 inches
Cutbow 22 inches
Cutthroat trout 20 inches
Drum 20 inches
Golden trout 16 inches
Grass carp 30 inches
Grayling 15 inches
Green sunfish 10 inches
Hybrid bluegill 10 inches
Kokanee salmon 20 inches (angling only)
Lake trout 32 inches
Largemouth bass 18 inches
Longnose sucker 18 inches
Northern pike 36 inches
Rainbow trout 24 inches
Rock bass 10 inches
Sacramento perch 12 inches
Sauger 26 inches
Saugeye 26 inches
Smallmouth bass 17 inches
Snake River Cutthroat 20 inches
Splake 20 inches
Spotted bass 18 inches
Tench 18 inches
Tiger muskie 40 inches
Tiger trout 18 inches
Walleye 26 inches
White bass 17 inches
White sucker 22 inches
Whitefish 15 inches
Wiper 28 inches
Yellow perch 12 inches