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Fish Positions and Job Opportunities
If you love to fish, enjoy working hard towards a common goal with a fun loving team, and you have the skills to push to new levels of quality and ingenuity, you may very well just fit in. See descriptions below for positions we have currently listed, and feel free to submit your resume to us and thoughts about any other way you might fit into the grand scheme of the company.

Skippers are the main lake and river editors for conditions reports. Each skipper will generally be assigned to one lake or river of their choice. They are responsible primarily for reviewing and editing member-submitted reports, and also secondarily providing first-hand frequent reports on the waters to which they’re assigned. Knowledge of the water bodies and current conditions on a year-round basis is a must. Our network of skippers is integral to the quality control of reports. Skippers are featured on the website administrator listings, on the property details page of the website, and designated with a symbol on all forum posts. Skippers receive discount on FxR+ subscriptions, discounts on FxR merchandise and occasional perks.
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News Editors

News editors are responsible for finding current news articles in relation to fishing in the state, contacting writers and editors to pursue rights to republish articles, and submitting full or partial news articles to our admin system giving appropriate credit. Understanding of online news resources, general computer and internet usage, and RSS feeds is a must. It is also beneficial to have an understanding of copyright implications and usage rights. News Editors receive discounted FxR+ subscriptions, discounts on FxR merchandise, occasional perks, and are featured in administrator listings.
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Calendar Editors

Calendar editors are responsible for finding current events in relation to fishing in the state, contacting fishing clubs and organizations to submit not-for-profit events to our system, and submitting events to our admin system. Understanding of online news resources, general computer and internet usage, and news feeds is a must. Calendar Editors receive FxR+ subscription discounts, discounts on FxR merchandise, occasional perks, and are featured in administrator listings.
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Lake and River Editors

If you have a knack for doing research, are enthused about and capable of editing, and want to help build the database with high-quality information, apply within to be a Lake/River Editor. Applicants must have writing and editing experience, or demonstrate the ability to do so at a high level. Fact-checking, information gathering, phone and email communication, writing skills, and general knowledge of computers and internet are required. Lake/River Editors receive FxR+ subscription discounts, discounts on FxR merchandise, occasional perks, and are featured in administrator listings.
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If you are an angler, professional or not, have both stories to tell and have a knack for the written language, submit your ideas to us. Our Field Editors, Bloggers, and guest Authors are not directly paid for published submissions. If you would like your work published on, having the passion and ability is most important. Becoming published on will put your work in front of 15,000 - 50,000 readers. In addition to the exposure, authors may also be rewarded with FxR+ discounts and/or Fish Explorer merchandise on a case-by-case basis.
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Sales Representative

Fish Explorer is looking for experienced salespeople with the drive to research and pursue promotional opportunities on This position will focus mostly on geo-targeted, location-specific advertising, potentially leading into wider-spread global branding opportunities. The most important skills for this position are the ability to make phone calls, generate strategic campaigns, following up on necessary tasks, and being a pleasant and effective communicator. It is also beneficial to be creative and capable of melding existing opportunities with the needs of clients to create advertising campaigns that are ultimately beneficial to the client and Fish Explorer.

Desirable Traits:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organization skills
  • General computer, internet, and phone skills
  • Sales experience
  • Knowledge of internet advertising, the market and trends
  • Knowledge of web graphics
  • Knowledge of internet advertising creative standards and specifications
  • Excellent writing skills


  • Daily cold calls, face-to-face meetings, follow-up phone calls, and email communication
  • Sales strategy planning on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis
  • Maintaining existing accounts and developing new accounts
  • Following up on new leads and referrals
  • Receivables management
  • Weekly sales meetings
  • Preparing proposals and sales contracts
  • Preparing and communicating campaign performance reports
  • Promoting new service opportunities to new and existing clients
  • Maintaining individual sales forecasts and performance reports
  • Maintaining intimate knowledge of internet advertising trends, standards, and practices
  • Providing assistance and guidance to new reps
  • Providing a positive and professional company image to clients and general public

In your resume and letter, please address the above elements in detail, and provide examples where applicable.

Position is paid on a commission basis in accordance with experience. Representative may reside anywhere, but must be able to participate in infrequent meetings in Denver or Fort Collins, Colorado.

Email your resume, with cover letter and references to: