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Fish Explorer Help

This help page is designed to offer assistance in most of the commonly experienced issues. JavaScript
This website utilizes Google Maps technology for navigation, so if you are using an out-of-date or limited browser you may not experience all that we have to offer. To ensure you are able to use the website to its fullest, use the latest version of FireFox browser or Internet Explorer and make sure to enable JavaScript and cookies for this site.

The FishExplorer "LakeNav" Map is the main resource for you to navigate the lakes we feature. Since Google Maps is in beta at the time of this writing, you may experience problems. One of the most common we've found is that through extensive use on Internet Explorer, your browser may begin slowing down. To remedy this, either close all your windows for Internet Explorer and start the program again, or use Firefox which is a free browser that is gaining large public usage.

The Google Maps interface we use throughout the website provides the maps and satellite images you see. It is not within our power to modify these at all. The maps and the information displayed on them are part of Google, so if there is missing or incorrect information, you can submit the errors here. The satellite imagery is also part of Google and we have no control over it. You'll notice some lakes have images taken in drought years when the lake was drawn down, or different resolution splices occur mid-lake. Again there's nothing we can do about this, but we think the images are very cool and for the most part serve to be very useful. Depending on the region you're looking in, you may not be able to find close-range satellite imagery. As Google Maps continues to develop, these images will most likely become available.

Navigating the Lake Nav Page:

Using the Google Maps:
This maps allows you to pan across the region,state or country and zoom in and out of the map to find lakes that we cover. To pan across the map, hold down your left mouse button and move the mouse in any direction to move the map. You may also use the arrow navigation at the top-left of the map to move around. To zoom in and out use the +,- buttons or the slide bar found on the map. To save a current view as your default view the next time you visit this page, click the "Set My Default View" link above the map. If you have cookies disabled in your browser this feature will not work.

By moving your cursor over an icon on the map, a lake name and introduction will be shown in the text box directly below the map. You may click on this icon to zoom into lake. Upon doing so, a ballon will pop-up with the lake name and introduction with two links: one will take you to our lake details page for that lake, and the other will take you back to your previous map view.

The Fish and Boat Toggles on the "LakeNav" Map operate independantly of each other, therefore if you select a fish species, the boating toggle will reset to the default "all boating types."

A key below the map show what the various lake icon colors refer to.

Map vs Satellite vs Hybrid:
Anywhere on our site you have the option of switching between the map, satellite or hybrid view. Try it and you will be amazed at the imagery possible.

Lake Details Help:

The Lake Details Page is packed with information on specific lakes. Here is a description of the various sections on this page:
  1. Status, Temp (Water Surface Temperature) and Level (Water Level) These will show last known readings for this data and the date it was recorded. Water temperatures are mostly average off-shore surface temperatures (top 12 inches) in degrees Farenheit
  2. Current Conditions The most recent conditions of the lake or pertinent information, as submitted by members.
  3. Fish Shows all healthy species that inhabit the lake. Click on a fish name and you will be taken to our fish details page which lists all lakes that we feature that contain that fish, among other things.
  4. Mgr Management body of the lake. You can click on the management body to find the main contact information for the entity. If an official website is available for the lake, we display it near the description.
  5. Surf. Acres and Volume Surface acres of the lake at full capacity. Volume is measured in acre feet and is the average capacity of the lake.
  6. Map -
    • Campground and Boat Ramp Icons These icons show locations of these facilities at the lake. Click on these icons to see the name of each location and a picture if available. Further details can be found lower on the page. You may hide these icons by clicking the appropriate "hide" link below the map.
  7. Photos Below the map there will be a set of pictures or images of that lake.
    • Google Map
    • Topographic map of lake and area
    • 3D image of the lake and area
    • Satellite image of the lake
    • A location map or featured photograph
    • Additional photographs
    All photos may be clicked on to show enlargements of the photo or image, and subsequently if you click on the larger image you will be taken to a full-screen version.
  8. Boating, Fees, Contacts, and Links Tab Box Shows appropriate boating regulations and fees as well as relevant contacts and links for the lake.