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FxR+ Subscription Information

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The FxR+ subscription gives you more access to more information and more tools on Below is a list of some of the features you receive when you upgrade your account to FxR+:
Private Fish Log
Since Fish Explorer is a map-based and dynamic website, we thought it would fit just right to add a private fish log for members to keep records of the fish they have caught. Now, on any lake details page, you can click on the map to locate a catch, enter information into a brief form, and review your catches that appear as fish icons on the same map.
Lake Activity / Popularity Chart
Perhaps one of the most unique tools, the lake activity chart measures the attention a lake is receiving based on various statistics from our website. Bar graphs illustrate the relative amount of views for each lake in a variety of time frames including today, yesterday, last 3 days, and last 30 days. You can even click on a single lake and see a day-by-day analysis of the lake's traffic. This can help you forecast how busy a lake will be before your trip.
Forum & Blog Searching
This has been a long requested feature. Now you can search forums and blogs by keyword right in the Fish Explorer website. Due to the cost of running such a service we are keeping it in the FxR+ subscription for now.
The history section in the lake details pages displays the historic data we have available for each lake. You will see recent and last-year’s water temps, status, levels, conditions, DOW reports, and journal entries.
Detailed Stocking Data
We've gone through quite a bit of data entry and programming to provide for you a very useful tool to inspect the game fish stockings in the lakes we feature. Data includes the year of the stocking, total number stocked, total pounds stocked, number of fish per pound, and average length.
Wind, Sky and Weather Forecast
This is one of our favorite features - wind often plays a role in planning our trips. The wind forecast shows 3-days advance predictions for hourly wind speeds and direction. The 3-day sky-cover forecast is useful in predicting what effect sunlight and UV will have on the fish you’re after. The weather forecast is driven by Weatherbug, a system of weather stations across the state that we’ve hand-selected to be as close to each location as possible.
Moon/Sun Times
No matter which side of the argument you’re on, moon and sun times play into almost all serious fishermen’s planning. We’ve got on-the-fly moon and sun times, calibrated for each specific lake’s coordinates so you don’t have to do any math to adjust the times. This way you will know exactly when that moon is overhead! Times include moonrise, moonset, sunrise, sunset, moon-overhead, moon-underfoot, and sun-above. Navigation buttons allow you to check sun/moon times for multiple days ahead and previous.
Moon Phases
Graphically view the phase of the moon on any given day. Click on the image and go to our moon phase calendar which displays the moon phases through the next 8 weeks, highlighting dates of full and new moons.
Private Trip Journal
Keep notes on your travels, journeys, expeditions, explorations, and of course your fishing trips. In the FxR Plus! trip journal, you can assign entries to specific lakes so that when you are on that lake’s details page the entries appear in the history section. So if you didn’t catch any fish last year on this day, maybe you will have second thoughts about the trip this year. That is unless you see in the conditions history that this year is different enough that you might just have a fighting chance!
Printable Lake Details
Each lake details page has a printer-friendly version so you can take it with you on your trips.
Personal Home Page
Your personal home page gives you various windows showing you news, your latest journal entries, recent fish log entries, and recent forum posts that you’ve started, and lets you keep a set of your favorite web links in one spot.
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