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FxR+ Subscription Help
Logging into FxR+
Logging into the FxR+ membership is the same as logging into the free account. After you purchase the membership, we recognize your account as an FxR+ account and activate the additional features of the membership. If you purchased an FxR+ membership under a new nickname and account, we can either remove your old free account or switch your FxR+ account to your original account. Just contact us with the details and we’ll take care of it.

When you log into your FxR+ account, you should notice a new FxR+ logo at the top of the screen next to where you logged in. This logo confirms that you are receiving the additional features of the membership.

Using the Fish Log
You must have Javascript enabled in your browser to use the fish log system. Only you see your fish records.

1) Adding Fish Records
Go to any lake details page to add a fish record. Click on the black button above the map to start the process. An instruction box will pop up to the left of the map under the lake name. Click on the map to specify the location of the catch. Once you do this, a form will appear on the left. Enter any information you wish to record about the fish in this form. You may also include a photograph of the fish. Click on "Save" button and your record will be logged. The screen will refresh and an icon will appear on the map to designate the fish.

2) Editing Fish Records
Go to the lake detail page where you caught (and entered) the fish. Click on the icon that corresponds with the record you wish to edit. A balloon will pop up showing a link to edit the fish. Once you click this link, the form will appear to the left of the map. Modify any information you wish to change and click the "Update Fish" button.

3) Deleting Fish Records
Follow the steps you did for editing, and when you get the balloon pop-up, click on the "delete" link. You will first be prompted to confirm the deletion. Click yes in this confirmation to delete the record.

Using the FxR+ Trip Journal
The trip journal is fairly simple. You may view your journal in one of three places: 1) recent journal entries appear on your member home page, 2) to view all your journal entries, click on the Trip Journal link on the left of the page, and 3) recent journal entries appear on corresponding lake details pages in the history section. You may filter journal entries by lake on the Trip Journal page by using the drop-down menu selector at the top right of the page.

To add a trip journal entry, click any of the "Add trip journal" links on your member home page or at the top of the journal page, or click on the "Write Journal" button above the map on each lake details page.

To edit a journal entry, click the "Edit" link at the end of each journal entry.

To delete a journal entry, go to edit the entry, and at the bottom of the form you will see a small trash-can icon. Click on this link to delete the entry.

FxR+ Wind Forecasts
Wind forecasts are available for up to three days for each lake. These predictions are provided by the National Weather Service. The color coded icons display the severity and direction of the wind.

To access the wind forecast, go to a specific lake and click on the blue "Wind" tab in the box below the map. When you click on the tab, data is downloaded from this service and may take a few seconds. When the data is retrieved, a table is displayed below. Hover your mouse over the wind icons to get a tooltip showing wind speed and direction. Arrows point in the direction the prevailing wind is to blow as if looking at a compass. So an arrow pointing straight down is a northern wind, or a wind coming out of the north and blowing south.
FxR+ Moon and Sun Times
To access moon and sun times, click on the "Moon/Sun" tab in the box below the map. When you click on the tab the system will retrieve data from the U.S. Naval Observatory, so it may take a few seconds. Once the data is downloaded a table will be displayed showing you the date and various times of the moon and sun stages.

Click on the "Next" button to go to the next day, and the "Prev" button to go to the previous day. Times are adjusted for the Mountain Time Zone. Times in bold with a gray background represent times that occur within 90 minutes of each other, and may be a peak period for fishing.

FxR+ Sky Cover Forecasts
The sky cover forecast is shown in the same table as the wind and weather forecasts. The icons graphically show the prediction of cloud cover at a given time during the day or night. Hover your mouse over each icon to view a tooltip that displays the percentage of cloud cover predicted.

FxR+ Weather Forecasts
Weather forecasts are offered in the same table as the wind and sky cover forecasts. The icon on the left of each row graphically shows a general weather prediction for each day. The predicted high temperature is above the icon in degrees fahrenheit. Click on this icon to expose a pop-up below showing the forecast in more detail.

Lake Details History Section
The history section lies below the "recent posts" section on the lake details page. Here is displayed the most recent records we have available for water temps, water levels, status, and conditions. We will also show available records from the same period last year. Below the conditions you will find recent DOW reports for the lake if available, as well as DOW reports from this period last year, if available. Below this you will see any of your trip journals for the lake that are recent or from the same period last year.

FxR+ Stocking Data
Next to the history section on the lake details page is displayed any fish stocking records for the lake from 1995 to the previous year that pertain to non-trout species. Each row represents a full-year’s stocking and includes the year of the record, total number of fish, total pounds, total inches, number of fish per pound, and average fish length. You may click on any fish listed here to go to the fish details page which shows you more stocking info for that fish species.

Near the bottom of the fish species page are tables of stocking data relating to the species selected. Each lake that received plantings of this fish since 1995 are listed, and each table shows the stocking for each year on record. You may click on the lake name to go to that lake’s details page.

Printable Pages
Retrieve a printer-friendly page for each lake by clicking on the "Print" button above the map. This page should adjust to your printer settings, even if it doesn’t look pretty on screen.

Renewing your FxR+ Membership
You may extend or renew your membership within 90 days of it’s expiration. To do so, click on the link on the "My Account" page. Memberships are automatically set to auto-renew when purchased. You may turn the auto-renew option on or off at any time on the "My Account" page. If your FxR+ Membership expires, we may not be able to recover your data if you decide to start again.

Final Note
The information in FxR+ is available to those members who have paid for the service and we would appreciate it if you do not share this information via forums, including ours, or any other form of mass media. The membership is for single-person use per account.