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It all started in my childhood many years ago. I sat on a wooden bridge over a canal, with my pole and some worms that I dug up the night before, catching bass, catfish, crappy, and things Iíve never seen before. I remember my friends and the new kid down the street who would come over and we would all spend the day fishing, throwing rocks, talking about baseball, football and girls! Life went by slow and easy, getting up before the sunrise, spending the day with good friends and listening for Mom to call out ďdinnerís readyĒ as the sun slowly set. Growing up, I think some of us remember days like that.

I grew up in Montana and left in the month of February 1975 to join the Army. I spent the next seven years station in Germany and the Pentagon. After leaving the military I settled in South Florida.

Itís been twenty four years now since I started a computer services company, married, divorced and have two great boys sixteen and twenty- two, my oldest just joined the Navy.

I've done some deep sea fishing but my passion is Bass Fishing, I was quickly drawn back to freshwater after catching my first Florida Bass. Soon after, I joined up with a local Bass club which gave me the opportunity to meet many of the local anglers, guides and pros that Iíve since built friendships with over the years.

I get out on the weekends, fish tournaments once a month and pre fish each of those. Fishing Lake Okeechobee (my favorite lake) and various areas of the Everglades my education continues to grow. To me itís all about the ďhuntĒ, breaking down the water levels and trying to develop a pattern that works.

I find enjoyment in making my own custom rods and have recently started pouring my own baits, experimenting with mixed colors, salt, glitter etc, itís a fun hobby.

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