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I grew up in NJ and fished the Lakes,Ponds and Reservoirs as a Juvenile.later on I had a slip in Fortescue and fished the Delaware Bay for years and finally scored a slip in Cape May N.J. Fished the Ocean and Bay with a few trips to the Canyon. Moved to Florida 16 years ago. Trailed and fished out of New Smyrna Beach and then took on surf fishing at Apollo Beach hunting the Pompano up until now. After some critical analysis the 3 hours back and forth was eating up my fishing time ! So here I am at Lake Monroe 6 minutes from my house. None of the exciting fishing we did would have been possible if not for the Experienced and Old Timers Sharing...I need your help ! I need Fishing Reports..Their is a lot of boats under cover because they are frustrated from a lack of information and Kids suffer too.
So I'm calling you out.. You The Experienced..Old Timers.. What fun is it Fishing unless you share with someone ?
Tug is the Drug !!
log on to Basic is free..Submit those Reports. Please

Wave me down..I have a Black Bass Tracker..
Mike and April Coulter

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