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Pensacola - fishing, need help

Post By: FishSeal      Posted: 3/30/2024 10:14:14 AM     Points: 3482    
Out visiting my son this Easter weekend.
We were going to fish from the pier. However the pier is closed.
If anyone would like to help and go fishing, we'd love it!
(970-231-5812) Text is best.
There Are 3 of us and no licenses. :)
 Reply by: FishSeal      Posted: Mar. 31, 8:38:58 PM     Points: 3482
Well, we had a fun experience.
After beach combing for some shells, we decided to go to Navarre to fish.

We did a lot of fishing. The rental rods didn't help much, but I learned a lot!!
We saw turtles, spanish macks, a ray or skate, dolphin, and some jellies.
Next I visit, I have access to rods, but I'm also going to be bringing my own gear for the spanish macks. Since I tie my own flies, I'll be tying some for fun. I'll also be trying some finnish spoons and some spoons. I'll be investigating what it takes to catch bait.

The best part of the day is since most of us were fishing and not catching was watching everyone catching the spanish macks. We did catch a sea turtle, a very large sea turtle... that decided he had enough surface activity and dive... snapping our line.

I'll be back to have some success and fill some tug drug next time.

 Reply by: FishSeal      Posted: Apr. 6, 5:17:52 PM     Points: 3482
So, I'm starting to study what I'm going to need and how to get started with saltwater fishing.
Being strictly a freshy and not really having a desire to be a salty, I do want to be successful.
This Blog has been huge in giving me an educated start: [log in for link]

Now I'm prepping what to take and what to do when I'm in Pensacola for my next fishing trip.