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New Coastal 360GT Series from Storm Debuts at ICAST

Post By: culinarypunk      Posted: 7/10/2017 6:41:23 PM     Points: 84484    
New Coastal 360GT Series from Storm Debuts at ICAST
(these have worked well in fresh water)
An expertly designed softbait lure series, the new Storm® 360GT Coastal lineup delivers fishcatching
actions for any saltwater angler. The five different lures in the coastal lineup all feature
bodies inspired by common saltwater forage species, belly slots and back slots that are specifically
placed for easy rigging.

The Storm 360GT Coastal products are all available in two rigging options — a solid jig head or a
VMC® Weighted Swimbait Hook — to maximize action for a variety of conditions. Whether resting
on the bottom, using a lift-drop technique or slowly swimming, the jig head with its 60-degree line
tie is a versatile choice, featuring a holographic eye and tight-grip bait keeper. The preferred
selection for weedless presentations and when a slower retrieve or horizontal fall is required, the
weighted swimbait hook is equipped with a tapered screw bait keeper and a balanced keel weight.
Both rigging options boast a resilient VMC® Coastal Black® Hook.

Storm® 360GT Coastal Shrimp
The new Storm® 360GT Coastal Shrimp's lifelike profile delivers pure fish-catching action and easy
rigging. Featuring a segmented body that displays a natural-looking tail action, its legs swim and
kick on the fall while its flat-bottom design keeps the bait upright when resting on the ocean floor,
creating an ultra-realistic presentation that saltwater species can't resist.

Storm® 360GT Coastal Largo Shad
The Storm® 360GT Coastal Largo Shad drives trophy fish wild as it swims with a slow body roll and
exaggerated tail swing. An ultra-versatile softbait, its shad profile can be customized by cutting or
removing the "tail tendon" for a wider-ranging presentation. Enticing both on the retrieve and in
free-fall, the Largo Shad is designed with belly and back slots to provide easy rigging and a
maximized hook gap.

Storm® 360GT Coastal Trick Tail
A great choice for the classic jerkbait fishing technique, the Storm® 360GT Coastal Trick Tail glides
and changes directions like a fleeing baitfish when rigged with an accompanying VMC® Weighted
Swimbait Hook. When paused, the bait's entire body rocks and its tail wiggles on the descent,
inviting fish to attack for an easy meal. Simply remove the bait's "tail webbing" for a more
exaggerated wiggle on the fall.

MSRP: $4.99

Available: July 2017