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Fish: Largemouth Bass

Line for big swimbaits

Post By: Mike V.      Posted: 12/30/2016 11:48:41 AM     Points: 487    
Hello. I am from the Colorado Fxr and posted this same thing on that forum, but I figured I would be able to get some other opinions from you Florida guys and gals on this question...

I need some help and I always come to this forum because I always get the best help. I received a Shimano Cardiff as a Christmas gift for throwing big swimbait. I'm excited to get some experience throwing bigger baits and sticking some bigger bass that I know CO can hold. I just don't know about the line for the reel.

I'm going to stick with the 20 to 25 pound test range, but do I go with mono or flouro?

Most of the big baits i currently own are topwaters so I know mono would be the better choice but throwing the baits in the middle and bottom of the water Colum is much more versatile, so using flouro for those baits would be much better.

The one thing I'm concerned about is break offs and those big baits get expensive. I want to see from personal experiences of others if they have more break offs from flouro or mono.

As always I'm open to all opinions and comments since you can make a better decision from being open minded rather than closed minded.

I appreciate any help in advance

 Reply by: pizzapatty      Posted: 12/31/2016 10:18:52 AM     Points: 2668    
I personally use power pro braided line because the 30 lb test casts so much better than mono. Plus just haven't had much luck with fluoro.