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Fish: Mayan Cichlid


Post By: RFAMIAMI      Posted: 2/25/2013 9:36:00 AM     Points: 0    
We have been catching a lot of these at Holiday Park in the Everglades, South Floridea. Is this an oscar or a chichlid??... It seems to fit in both catagories... Are they ok to eat???? They fight like crazy and are at least 12 inches and weigh more then a pound.
 Reply by: hawghawler      Posted: 2/26/2013 10:48:46 AM     Points: 66666
It is hard to tell from the picture but it may be a Mayan Cichlid. If you look under fish species it may help. If this does not work for you try [log in for link] under fresh water fish. This is the FWC official website and they have pictures as well as what is edible. Hope this helps and keep up the good work.
 Reply by: FloatTubeGuy      Posted: 3/6/2013 2:44:23 PM     Points: 1067
That rusty orange color would lead me to believe you caught a Tiger Oscar.
I have one about that size in a 55 gallon tank.
Here is a crudy pic from when he was little.
 Reply by: Cichlidfish      Posted: 3/26/2013 5:37:54 PM     Points: 3054
That is an Oscar Cichlid. Oscars and Mayan cichlids are very similar, and they are both types of cichlids. I've never had it, but lots of sources said it does not taste good. I don't even know if you are allowed to keep them. Look up the florida regulations.