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Fish: Peacock Bass

Record Peacock???

Post By: Reel-Deal Adventures      Posted: 10/21/2012 1:41:50 PM     Points: 0    
New to the forum but have been searching for sites that share info on peacock bass, especially since they the company specialty...As a local guide, rarely get the chance to fish solo, but this passed week I got the opportunity to scout some old waters...What I found was truly unexpected..Enticed by my lure, this beast chased it down 4 or 5 times but refused to commit...Being only 5 minutes from home, I hopped in the car, drove home, grabbed the cast net, and loaded up on bait with one cast...Back to the wall I went...Livie after livie, I couldn't get KOMATSU to appear again until I dropped it in front of a hidden drain covered in weeds and lillys...Within 3 seconds of hitting the water, minnows scattered everywhere and drag began screaming...4 insane runs lead to 2 aerials and 1 attempt to get me in the pipes but I managed to avoid all disasters...Safely KOMATSU was landed after what seemed like 20 minutes...Weighed, photographed and released unharmed...He measured in at 26 inches long and weighed in at just over 10 lbs...

Adam aka Reel-Deal
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 Reply by: hawghawler      Posted: 10/24/2012 10:32:09 AM     Points: 66116    
Great fish, sounds like it was a long fight. I see you got the password problem solved. There is a big catch program on, you should check it out because the state record is 9.08 pounds.
 Reply by: Dangly      Posted: 12/11/2012 3:03:07 PM     Points: 238    
Man, i am so jealous, we just got snowed on last night...thinking about coming down. GREAT PEACOCK!