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Fish Explorer Florida Field Editors

We aim to be the most well-rounded, thorough, and up-to-date resource for fishing information in Florida. To accomplish this takes a lot of people, not just the pros and experts, but the typical fishermen like all of us who simply enjoy going out fishing and learning and sharing our love of the sport.

Fish Explorer Field Editors are a great sampling of anglers who are not only good at what they do, but knowledgable and responsible fishermen who understand that sharing their love of fishing and their care for the resources goes a long way in making fishing better for everyone. Field Editors not only write blogs on, but also help manage the fishing information and helpers in their region.

When you get a chance, thank your field editors and visit their bio pages by clicking on the links below. They are some of the freshest minds in Florida fishing.
Evan McMullen
I have been addicted to fishing since I was able to walk. I have transgressed from part time hobby to pure addiction. I am not an angler that has ever defined myself by specialty. I truly enjoy all types of fishing, from throwing flies to casting in the surf and everything in between. I have Grown up fishing Western Waters and love fishing for Steelhead. Moving to Florida has open many opportunities for me and I cant wait to start exploring!
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