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My name is Evan, I go by that or Mac and I grew up on the Columbia River in Washington State, Tri-Cities actually. I have been fishing since I was able to walk. I have fished all over the country, from the west coast to the southeast and everywhere in between. I have experienced and enjoy all types of fishing. Surf fishing for stripers and lingcod, fly fishing for mountain trout or throwing spinners and plugs for pike and bass. I enjoy fishing from my bass boat but often prefer to paddle around a body of water. I love how I feel much more connected to nature when I take the time to quietly paddle through the water fishing as I go and not breaking the serenity of nature with the noisy boat motor. Shore fishing takes me back to my roots, as this was the only way I could fish as a kid. For years it was just me, my bicycle, and a telescopic south bend medium action travel rod stuffed into my backpack trudging around to all the docks and river accesses I could find. I loved every moment of it including the long bike ride home after dark smelling like fish. No matter how many new ways I find to fish nothing will beat that old rod that went everywhere with me. It finally broke in 2010 and I havenít been able to find another. Maybe somethingís arenít meant to be replaced, it may just ruin the memories. Hopefully my kids catch the bug and can develop these types of stories for themselves. Tight lines and I hope if I can ever help anyone out there you will just ask.



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