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Mike has been fishing for the last 50 years. He started fishing as a young boy with his dad and brother in a small town located in western Massachusetts. Fishing consisted of digging up the worms in the back yard, packing up the Zebco, dawning a pair of hip boots and walking down to the local stream or sometimes riding his bicycle with boots and rod in tow. Back then the fish caught were brought home for dinner that night, fresh trout was always a treat. After moving to Florida in 1977 Mike learned saltwater fishing, again wading for Redfish and Seatrout, this time with chest waders. He then graduated to a jon boat and then moving even further on to his first real fishing boat (16 foot scout), the first “ocean going vessel”. Hooking up with some co-workers he started fishing tournaments in the Atlantic finishing with a first place tuna one year followed by a sixth place sailfish the next. Continuing his saltwater escapades for the next several years fishing for redfish, snook, tarpon, seatrout and some offshore adventures for Cobia, Kings and bottom dwellers. Mike is now 40 when he meets his future brother in law Jim. Jim is an avid Bass angler. This starts a brand new way of fishing, freshwater and the elusive “largemouth bass”. About eight years ago Mike decided to retire after 29 years of working for one of our largest defense contractors. He had enough decided to take the “I’d rather be fishing” concept to heart, which is now his favorite motto. Now he’s hooked on Bass fishing and it takes up 80% of his fishing time.

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