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Boe Jacquard
"BoeBass" - Guest Blogger

My recent trip on Tsala Apopka

Guest Blog by: Boe Jacquard 7/8/2011
 My recent trip on Lake Tsala Apopka was out of necessity rather than for fun but turned out to be a bit more of the latter. We are testing new and innovative product designs soon to be on the market and I get to be the professional opinion. We are testing top water, pitching, flipping, and swimming baits, as well as an exceptionally good fish attractant. We started early with the top water baits in heavy lilly pads, hydrilla, milfoil and Kissimmee grass. The results were better than good not only was the bait easy to work through the cover but the fish reacted well explosive results. With hesitation as we were still getting hammered in heavy cover we moved to the swim style baits fearing that there were not enough hours in the day to try all the different baits. The swim style baits were very effective as well with several fish being boated. As the day progressed and the fish moved deeper in to the cover we went to flipping and pitching. Once again we seemed to have a big hit. The bait has such a life like action that fish hammered it with a vengeance. This is going to be big when it hits the market!  All products tested worked very good but when the fish attractant was added the fish did not want to let go and we had to be careful to set the hook quickly as not to let them swallow the baits. The bigger fish that usually are more finicky seemed to like it all as well. All in all this is going to be a fishing system that will cover all depths and in my opinion it is fantastic.We were satisfied with our catch of 27 fish total with the five biggest fish weighing 19lbs and that number would have been much larger but we lost a 6  and 9 lber.

Florida native with 45 years of fishing experience,both fresh and salt. 25 year pro fisherman and guide caught and released 470: 10 lb large mouth bass on natural and artificial baits.
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