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Matt Snider
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Blog by: Matt Snider , CO 5/4/2011
Greetings Florida anglers!  Florida is now open and I am very excited about it.  Not only do we get to showcase this wonderful tool to you, but I get to come fish more often!

Fish Explorer has been around since 2006, developed in Colorado and recently launched in Texas.  We have a unique model, one that focuses on freshwater fishing and bringing experts and anglers together under one roof.  Our primary focus is on the lakes and river systems, with special attention given to water conditions such as levels, temperatures, and other elements that clue you in to how to fish a lake.

The premise is that there is a lot of fishing to explore everywhere.  Many of us continue fishing the same places for the same species.  I hope that if anything, this website will compel you to get out and explore all that Florida has to offer, and you discover some new favorite spots.

We've done extensive research on many lakes in Florida.  We have activated about 65 lakes to begin, and have another 100 or so in line that we are still working on.  If you have a favorite fishing lake you want to see added to the site, please contact us.

Our conditions reporting system is managed by a set of what we call "Skippers".  Skippers are in charge of making sure a lake stays up-to-date by submitting reports and reviewing reports sent in by other members.  If you live near a lake, or fish it often, apply to become a skipper today.

I'd like to extend my gratitude to Mike Guiles, the Florida State Editor, who is heading up this venture in the Sunshine State.  Mike has been working hard over the last couple of months coordinating efforts to get this new venue open.  He will need help maintaining all the content that we solicit and provide.  Most important at this stage is administering the news, calendar, forum, and reports.  Please contact us to lend a hand!

So have a look around, and let us know what you think.  When you go out and fish, come back to and submit conditions reports and see how everyone else is doing. Get involved: become a member, subscribe to FxR+, become a skipper, write some stories, and upload some photos.  We are only just beginning here, and I am glad you've found us!

Good fishing!
Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
culinarypunk, 5/4/2011 11:47:22 PM
welcome Florida!
HeavyC, 5/5/2011 12:37:49 AM
Ditto! ...welcome Mike and all the rest of you Sunshine Staters! HC Out!