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Scott Brands
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8/31/2023 9:58:00 AM
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Cold Front Blues

Blog by: Scott Brands , CO 1/16/2021
In one of my previous blogs, I talked about whether or not it was a myth that the moon affectís bass fishing. In this blog I want to talk about another topic that anglers may deem as either a fact or a myth.

A statement you hear a lot of is that a cold-front will shut down bass fishing. First of all, I do agree that a severe cold-front can indeed impact bass fishing, but I also think itís wrong to assume that ALL cold-fronts are going to shut the fish down. 

A couple years ago, I was at home on a cold and rainy Saturday morning in March. I was contemplating whether or not I should take my kayak out on Boyd lake. I probably would have stayed home if it wasnít for the fact that I had recently purchased a new fishing combo I wanted to try out for throwing top waters. I decided to go to the lake around noon with the full expectation of getting skunked. After I launched, I met some familiar faces on the water who had said they only caught a couple fish all day. I thought to myself that it was no surprise based on the weather we were having. 

I started the day throwing a spinnerbait and it didnít take long to catch my first bass. It didnít take long to catch another one after that either. I was having so much success throwing a spinnerbait that afternoon that it was hard to put down to try out the new combo I purchased. I forced myself to try out the new combo and tied on a top water popper. After a few casts, a bass blew up on my popper almost scaring me half to death. The water was 43 degrees, the air temperature was around 40 degrees, it was raining, and I was catching bass on top water! 

A couple years later I was faced with very similar conditions, but this time it was for a CKFC tournament again on Boyd Lake. I had been catching many fish up shallow in the days leading up to the tournament, but on that day, I only ended up only catching one small bass. It was a tough day for most of the anglers, but there were still a few guys who got on the fish and had a pretty good day. 

The moral of the story is that although a cold front may impact your fishing, go into your day with an open mind and you may end up with a pleasant surprise!

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Blog Comments
Walleye Guy, 1/16/2021 6:05:26 PM
Ya can't catch em if you aren't fishing. Much like the mailman....any weather.
Barnacles, 1/16/2021 8:16:03 PM
"Go into your day with an open mind" is great advice for everything in life. I've had some of my best fishing days in weather that sent everyone else home. If you can find where the fish are sulking in a cold front, it can be pure magic.