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Carp on the Fly Resources - Part 3

Blog by: Tom McInerney , CO 9/24/2018
Part of Series: Warmwater Fly Fishing
The first two blogs (part 1, part 2) focused on online articles and websites about fly fishing for carp. This one is about podcasts. 

I know this medium isn't for everyone, but if you got a tape deck adapter, aux input, or usb input in your car, I highly suggest finding a good one (or twenty) to try on a car drive sometime. You can get them on any phone/tablet/computer for free. Use the links below for computers. To find the podcasts on your phone, go to your podcast app and search for the title.

The following episodes I have listened to at least a half dozen times each. Mostly crazy I know. But sometimes I'm mowing the lawn and I just wanna think about carp on the fly and I throw one of these on. They're good. I think my favorite is "Late Season Carp Techniques" which is very applicable right now. If you're just starting the Kirk Deeter one is good.

- Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast: An Interview with Carp Expert Dan Frasier
- Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast: Late-Season Carp Techniques with Dan Frasier
- The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast: Carp & The 101 Flies To Catch Them With Dan Frasier
- The Itinerant Angler Podcast: Carp Savant with Jay Zimmerman
- The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast: Beaver Island and Carp Week With Morgan Kupfer
- Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast: The Long-Awaited Carp Podcast 

These aren't all the fly fishing for carp podcasts out there, just the ones I like best. If you know of some others, share them below.

Blog content © Tom McInerney
Blog Comments
On A Fly, 9/25/2018 4:05:52 PM
Awesome list Tom! Thanks!
zgcarp, 9/27/2018 1:13:47 PM
Thanks Tom. Now I know how I am going to spend the winter!!
Tom McInerney (opencage), 9/28/2018 8:28:00 AM
Yeah, thanks guys. These are the good ones. I have these saved on my phone, never delete them, and constantly relisten to them.

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