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Under the Bridge

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt , Texas 6/11/2018
I went fishing with a good friend.  You know what a good friend is don't you?  A buddy with a boat.  We went Crappie fishing.  

Targeting Crappie isn't something I've done.  I've caught Crappie from time to time, even caught a lot of them on a few occasions when I located a school and had just the right fly or bait with me.  But I haven't sought them out.  On this trip, we did.  And it was a blast.

We fished several good looking spots, brush down below and the fish finder indicating fish, but didn't catch any.  Then we moved under a bridge and found plenty of them.  As usual with Crappie, at least in my experience, you have to drop your line in an area about the size of a small backyard kiddie pool.  They seem to like to rub shoulders.  They also seemed to like to be close to a bridge piling as opposed to being out between the pilings.

We used lead head jigs with soft plastic bodies that imitated small minnows, dropping them to the bottom, reeling them up a couple of feet, then vertically jigging them.  I also caught two small Channel Cats, a small Drum, and a big Sandie. 

The Crappie bit softly, mostly as the jig was falling.  We caught a lot of them.  They ranged in size from one no bigger than a minnow to one about fourteen inches.  

I was happy that I was wearing my broad brimmed straw hat.  As we fished there were about six gazillion swallows flying overhead, and of course they dropped a few bombs - not as many as you'd think with that swarm, but a few.  The hat helped.

Perhaps one of the best things about fishing under a bridge in Texas in June is the bridge's shade.  It was hot out there in the sun, but in the shade with the wind blowing it was pleasant.  Holding the boat in position was a task as the wind pushed us around and the small anchor didn't want to grab.  

Eventually we broke out a bigger anchor and solved that problem.

Crappie fishing is a blast when you are over a school of biting Crappie.  Fishing in the shade is a great side benefit.  I enjoyed the shade, a lot.
Heading into the Sunrise looking for a Crappie hole. My buddy driving the boat.
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