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Fishing and Adventure

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt , Texas 2/6/2018
Ready for a fishing adventure?  I sure as hell am not.

Allow me to define adventure the way I see it so that what I write here makes sense.  An adventure is when you have to navigate through a series of circumstances with no guarantee of success or survival.  In other words, an adventure can end with your death.  I've had a few adventures, they may be okay when you are young and dumb - but not so much when you've been around a bit.

So, no - I don't want any more fishing adventures.  

Adventures come in two varieties - the kind you seek and the kind that seek you.  Climbing Mount Everest is the kind you seek.  Falling out of a boat without a PFD is the kind that seeks you.

If you want the kind of adventure that you seek - more power to you, and hopefully I'll enjoy reading about it - if you get back.  

The kind that seeks you tends to be the result of poor planning.  Some "type 2" fishing adventures might be:

Fishing in Alaska and Grizzly Bears show up.
Wading in fast deep water and losing your footing.
As mentioned before, not wearing a PFD.
Fishing in seriously sub-freezing weather and you get too far away from your truck.
Fishing a stock pond in a pasture and an aggressive bull shows up.
Not knowing how to bring your kayak back to upright.
Fishing without telling anyone where you will be or when you expect to be back.
Not using the kill switch.
Boating at high speed where you don't intimately know the water.
Fishing in a snake infested area.
Fishing in an alligator infested area.
Fishing on private land without permission.

If you aren't seeking adventure - you might want to do some planning.  Or not.  Up to you.

Can you add to the list?

Blog content © Lloyd Tackitt
Blog Comments
anglerwannabe, CO   2/7/2018 8:38:46 AM
LOL Lloyd I got lots of those.... rushed by a Moose on the Snake river in Jackson Hole, chased by a bull in TX, fished around too many snakes in TX, flipped my toon at Spinney, fished by alligators in FL, lost my footing in the Arkansas river and dragged down stream quite a way. Some of us know the NOT stupid thing to do and how to avoid them because we've already done them.
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   2/7/2018 9:41:36 AM
Petty much everything I've learned I've learned the hard way. As my dad used to ask me - You just won't learn anything the easy way will you?
fishthumpre, CO   2/26/2018 4:41:40 PM
On that no. 5, the aggressive bull, anyone else been chased all over a pasture by a billy goat? With my particular adventure, I didnít even know it was his pasture until he butted me right in the butt.
bron, CO   2/26/2018 8:15:29 PM
Paced by a mountain lion, jumped into a lake full of snapping turtles because a carp tried to steal my rod, plenty of 0 temp days, got locked into private land, lost on Mt Evans, unhooking a huge snapping turtle, and these are just recent ones. My son would add getting attacked by nesting geese...he still hates them. My close calls with lightening were all back when I was a landscaper, I wont screw with that at all while fishing. Two incidents recently where the bank caved in and I ended up in the water. My son almost ended up in Granby canal that way too (only 2' of water in it that day). Plenty of snake action. I could go on and on.