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Suissex lures

Blog by: Evan McMullen 12/12/2017
I discovered Suissex lures at ICAST 17í.  As I am always on the lookout for those unique products that are innovation yet not a gimmick, this company got my attention!  They are a French lure manufacture that really deserves our attention here in the United States.  They have a unique take on spinnerbaits, they have taken the traditional willow shape blade and scalloped it.  

These unique scallops produce a vibration that sets it apart from the traditional spinnerbaits found here in the states.  Now I donít know what the difference in vibration is, but it does seem to get attention when the fish are aggressive.  It is a hard-pumping aggressive blade shape, in my experience it quite well except when the fish are wanting a subtler approach.  It kills on windy days as is can really be homed in on by this fish, it seems to grab attention when the water is noisy from chop and wind.

I was given a fire tiger Magnum XL 2oz spinnerbait. The quality is top notch, and they include a trailer hook to help increase your hook up ratio, however, I recommend using a rubber band around the trailer hook eye to help keep it in place. The paint has held up with no flaking and the skirt is a supple as the day I got it. It has not become brittle or sticky at all.

This is a slow working lure! It displaces so much water that you are not able to really burn this lure without pulling it out of the water and hydroplaning it across the surface. This will be a great ice out attention grabber for pike ready to pack on the pounds! The chain pickerel here in FL love this easy target. The hooks come relatively sharp but after a few passes on a hook sharpener, it becomes sticky sharp.

The extra-large spinnerbaits is not where the innovation for this company stops either. They have an entire line of inline spinners and swimbaits with tail spinners as well.

I would recommend this Xl Spinnerbait to anyone that likes to chase monsters and appreciates an innovative approach to a classic lure pattern. To my Colorado Brethren, I wish I would have had this available to me when I was chasing those monster 11 Mile toothy critters!


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