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Origin of a Fisherman

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt , Texas 6/1/2017
I suspect there are two types of origins of a fisherman.

Type 1:  Started fishing as a child, taken out by adult family members.

Type 2:  Started fishing as an adult, started on their own initiative.

I'm a type 1.  I've always fished.  It was my grandmother and my mother that were the fishing family members.  I had an older brother that I fished with later, and an uncle too, but it was the ladies that got me started young and early.   I've probably forgotten more about fishing than I currently remember, its been that long since I started.  Fishing is like breathing - I can look at water and know where to find the fish, but I have a difficult time explaining it to others.  It is kind of like walking, I can walk just fine, but explaining how to walk is difficult.

Type 2.  I've known several.  They have "inquiring minds", insatiable curiosity, a happy attitude, are generally laid back and easy going, fun to be around.  Positive thinkers.  Easily amused, laugh readily. Friendly, outgoing and hard workers.  

What triggered them to start fishing was the need to "get away from it all".  A deep desire to be out in nature, but not just sitting in a camp watching a fire burn.  Oh they like that alright, but not all day long.  They like it at night.  During the day they want to be actively engaged in some activity that allows them to enjoy the natural world and yet bring them peace of mind.  So running a chainsaw to clear brush won't be what they do.  

Fishing seems to rise to the surface of their conscious minds and they set about it with a will and a passion.  First they buy some basic tackle and go try it out and pretty much don't catch fish. Wondering why they go back and read and study and ask any of their friends that fish about it.  Pretty soon they are going fishing with a buddy that knows a thing or two, and in no time at all they are as proficient as their buddy.  Cause, folks, this ain't rocket surgery you know.

Type 2's tend to gravitate to type 1's for a boost in getting started.  It's a good system too.  It's a great system in fact.  

The only better system is when grandma teaches grandson about fishing by taking him along before he can walk.

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Blog Comments
Flyrodn, CO   6/1/2017 5:11:53 PM
Type I, don't remember not fishing. Pictures older than memory show me fishing.
skiman, CO   6/2/2017 9:58:35 PM
Lloyd, I think there is a third type. That would be "me"...taught by my dad to fish for Sustinance. We caught, (and ate), everything from trout, to bass, to bullheads, bluegills, suckers and eel. If we caught it, mom would cook it. It would supplement our diet, as did wild asparagus and mushrooms, and nothing went to waste. Dad taught me early, and because of his determination and expertise with a collapsible metal rod and casting reel, it was often up to me to provide for the family. It wasn't until later in life that I learned I could fish for fun, and often practiced C&R. Good read Lloyd, thanks!
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   6/3/2017 11:04:41 AM
I'm with you on that skiman - when we went fishing it was a combination of relaxation and subsistence. If we caught it we ate it, unless it was just too small to go on the stringer, and that had to be really small. I continued that, minding the legal limits of course, until I was well into young adulthood. C&R was a revelation for me, a major turning point.