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Matt Snider
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2020 Winter Giveaway
11/19/2020 5:00:00 AM
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Winter Giveaway 2014 Starts Now

Blog by: Matt Snider , Colorado 11/20/2014
It's my favorite time of year, at least for the ability to give thanks and not so much for the snow and cold - I just haven't adjusted to the abrupt end to summer/fall. But at least I have this to look forward to:

We now begin our annual Winter Giveaway with many fishing prizes including gear, trips, and more.  It is a way to thank you members for being involved and contributing to the website. Thank you, everyone involved, for all you do to help us keep this site rolling.

To enter, go to the main Winter Giveaway page and step through the process to enter.  Select an entry for one prize from our general prize pool, continue to the next page and then select one from our fishing trip prize pool.  Confirm and submit...that's it!

Start entering now and as often as you can through December 31, when we will close registrations. FxR+ Subscribers can submit a new set of choices every 12 hours, Contributing Members can submit daily, and general members can submit daily with points or weekly without.

In early January we will select a winner randomly from each prize selection.  The more eggs you have in a basket, the greater chance you have to win it.  Winners are notified by email so check and make sure your contact information is up to date.

Please take a moment to thank those who've donated prizes to this event.  Visit their websites using the blue "Visit" button listed with their prize.  Here is a list of those donating prizes for the Winter Giveaway of 2014:

Thank you prize sponsors!

Good luck, I hope you win something great!
Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
Coloradomrg, CO   11/20/2014 10:14:19 AM
Thanks Matt and all the sponsors!
lewdog, CO   11/20/2014 10:34:50 AM
Thank you all. If I win this year we will take my boat. Hahaha
panfishin, CO   11/20/2014 10:44:48 AM
awesome prizes!
FishingApex, CO   11/20/2014 11:21:28 AM
Thank you FxR and all the sponsor's for making this all come together!
jshanko, CO   11/20/2014 1:24:41 PM
What a great web site FxR is, great people, a wealth of information and experiance and a thoughtful bunch that really make a difference on how this site is managed. Thanks for all you do...........Jon
Ajax5240, CO   11/20/2014 2:07:21 PM
A big thanks to all the sponsors that donated! And fxr for putting this on every year! I have a spectacular selection of HD Ice lures as a result of the giveaway last year!
pikeNcolorado, CO   11/22/2014 11:41:42 AM
Thanks to all the sponsors. Hopefully I win something this year and it's not the stickers I accidentally clicked on once last year. HA HA. Thanks again for helping out the Fish Explorer community.
southcat king, CO   11/24/2014 2:19:50 PM
thanks to all sponsors and fxr my favorite forum.
shiverfix, CO   11/24/2014 2:36:43 PM
pikeN, at least you won something! (:
pikeNcolorado, CO   11/24/2014 11:39:13 PM
Shiverfix, I am glad. It was just so ironic because it was accidental. Good luck to all. I'm again throwing all my eggs in 2 baskets.
opencage, CO   11/25/2014 9:14:30 AM
lew, if you win this year, I'll bring some trout from Soopers to hook to your line when you're not looking :-) Had a great time, looking forward to this year and the trip to the park, I've had nothing but amazing times and fishing exploring it this year and am happy to share it with others.
shiverfix, CO   11/25/2014 10:48:32 AM
pikeN - I hope you know that comment was meant as my luck in these things and not directed at you. I think I selected that once just so I wouldn't have all my eggs in two baskets and didn't get anything. This year all the eggs are going in two baskets! I think life balanced it out for me. I have been incredibly lucky in my life, but I can't win anything. Seriously, at a raffle at a golf tourny they had more prices than tickets, and mine was the last ticket called. My golf partner was laughing at me (:
lewdog, CO   11/25/2014 10:20:49 PM
Hahaha opencage. I am sure I wouldn't notice you hooking up a dead slimer to my hook. If you did though I would prefer a nice salmon over a slimer. Haha. We will just go someplace with fish.
pikeNcolorado, CO   11/26/2014 12:53:51 AM
Shiverfix, All good my friend. I was commenting on my luck (or lack of) with these things. I'll be pulling for you to win something this year