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Michael Guiles
"hawghawler" - Guest Blogger

Astor tournament October 2014

Guest Blog by: Michael Guiles 10/25/2014
This month the West Volusia Bass Anglers went back to the St Johns River out of the Astor public ramp. I thought getting there an hour before sunrise would get us a good spot to anchor the boat. Boy was I wrong, half the club had already launched and there was little space to dock.The weather was a bit cool but still comfortable. Seventeen teams showed up for the tournament, all but five headed south to Lakes Dexter and Woodruf. Going south ended up being the way to go, with the top two teams putting a hurting on everyone else.

Out of the seventeen teams there were only nine limits of five fish. This is unusual for our club because there are a lot of good fisherman. The winning team of Larry Maltby and Larry Petty had a great limit weighing in at 21.66 pounds, their big fish was only 4.98 so this shows consistency. The second place team of Steve Bishop and Dell Masie had a good bag coming in at 19.68 pounds, Steve had two nice fish at 5.28 and 5.32. He took big fish with the 5.32 pound bass. After the tournament Steve was telling us about a guide that was fishing near him catching a bunch of nice bass in the eight pound range on live shiners. Needless to say there were a bunch of happy anglers on that boat. My team only caught four bass but we still beat out three teams with their five fish limits. Third place was only in the 12 pound range, showing how the top two teams dominated the weigh-in.

Next month we will be going out of the Debary park ramp on Lake Monroe. I expect there will be some large sacks coming in on this lake as the bass are fattening themselves up for the spring.
Mike has been fishing for 50 years. The first 16 years of fishing was for trout in the streams of Massachusetts. At 22 he moved to Florida for work and took up a whole new type of fishing “saltwater”. For the next several years he learned in-shore and off-shore fishing techniques. There was also the occasional shrimping expedition. At the tender age of 40 Mike then found even another form of fishing “Bass Fishing”. Chasing this elusive predator became Mike’s latest obsession. His motto is "I'd rather be fishing".
Larry and Larry 21.66 pounds
Steve and Del 19.68 pounds
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