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Michael Guiles
"hawghawler" - Guest Blogger

Harris Chain September tournament

Guest Blog by: Michael Guiles 9/21/2014
Our club tournament this month was on the Harris Chain out of the Buzzard Beach ramp. This was the first time that I can remember not having to share the ramp with other tournaments. Usually we have to fight for some room to tie the boats up but instead there was plenty of space for everyone. As usual boats headed out in all directions, many headed through Haines Creek and locked into the marshes and Lake Griffin. Then there were the teams that went into Lakes Harris and Little Lake Harris and a few went into Dora and Carlton, while others remained in Lake Eustis. The weather was good with some clouds, a little wind and no rain during the tournament. About ten minutes after the weigh in the clouds opened up and the rain came through.

Going through the locks to Lake Griffin and the marsh area proved to be the best decisions. The first place team of Mark Sills and Rob Williams went to the marsh area and fought their way through all the vegetation to produce a five fish limit of bass weighing in at 23.41 pounds. Mark also had the big bass for the tournament and so far this year at 9.45 pounds. This makes two years in a row they won this tournament in the marshes. I looked at the marsh a couple of days prior and new we couldn't fight the hydrilla with our setup. Mark says his trolling motor is set up with cutters so he made his own path to the holes in the vegetation. Another team going into the marshes off Haines Creek and coming in third with 14.2 pounds was the team of Mike Sikes and Travis Kett. Second and fourth place caught their fish somewhere in the Lake Dora area. The second place team of Larry Petty and Larry Maltby had a nice stringer at 18.28 pounds, they are considered the locals for this area so they always seem to do good on this chain.

Next month we move back onto the St Johns river out of the Astor public ramp. I am sure a lot of our local teams will come out for this one, if they are on the fish. I can't wait to see you all there and good luck in all your adventures.
Mike has been fishing for 50 years. The first 16 years of fishing was for trout in the streams of Massachusetts. At 22 he moved to Florida for work and took up a whole new type of fishing “saltwater”. For the next several years he learned in-shore and off-shore fishing techniques. There was also the occasional shrimping expedition. At the tender age of 40 Mike then found even another form of fishing “Bass Fishing”. Chasing this elusive predator became Mike’s latest obsession. His motto is "I'd rather be fishing".
Big Bass 9.45 pounds
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