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Larry Henrichs
"LARZOFHARRIS" - Guest Blogger

Water Clarity not an Issue

Guest Blog by: Larry Henrichs 4/26/2013

I'm not sure just what's going on with the water conditions on Lake Harris but the overall bite stays excellent. The water surface temperatures are edging into the low 80's so daybreak to noon is proving to be the best times.

We've finally had some good rains here in Central Florida and runoff quickly changes water color but this is alot more than rain effects.  Clarity is down to about a foot in nearly all the lake so big and bold in lure selection is working best. Noisy topwaters are hot as are willow leaf/Colorado blade combo spinner baits in ultra white or chartrreuse. In my book any color works as long as it's chartreuse.

Water levels are also down about a foot or slightly more and some of the ramps that are usually quite simple to launch from can be a challenge. The canal that my home is on in Yalaha is currently un-fishable in many areas due to the shallow conditions.The good news about Lake Harris however is all the ramps surrounding it are excellent, just use a little extra caution

In talking to other locals who live on the lake, many say there has been water management move that has seen water shifting north into the St Johns River estuaries. I'm checking on that and will get back. I'm not sure if this is also impacting clarity.

Hot spots right now? Work lily pad edges with spinner baits and noisy topwaters early-daybreak to noon.  Work frogs in the center of the pads and never forget flipping the bullrushes as the day progresses. It's definitely hawg time in Central Florida!


LARRY HENRICHS Opening my back door I am feet from Lake Harris in central Florida. I fish no less than two days a week now and expect that to grow in my retirement. My biggest bass to date is 8.6 but I don't target hogs and only fish artificials. I've fished with the likes of Rick Clunn at the '84 Bassmasters in Arkansas, and Ricky Green back in his prime. TV News was my career and story telling my passion. I hope to see you on the water soon.
If she`d still been egged up this one would go an easy 10 pounds.
Blog content © Larry Henrichs
Blog Comments
hawghawler, FL   4/26/2013 11:40:44 AM
Great job Larry and quite a nice fish. A stringer of those would most likely make a tournament win.