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Michael Guiles
"hawghawler" - Guest Blogger

Over a ton of largemouth bass

Guest Blog by: Michael Guiles 4/1/2013
This was a great year for our club weighing in over two thousand pounds or a ton of bass in our first ten tournaments. We average between eighteen to twenty one teams per tournament. This number was a bit short because not everyone weighs in their catches at every tournament sometimes teams will leave early if they don't feel their fish will make the  money. That was not the end either our eleventh tournament the last regular one had a decent weight of over two hundred thirty five pounds. The classic was a little light at just around one hundred and sixty pounds.

The big winners for the year was the team of Larry Maltby and Larry Petty. They had the trifecta of team of the year with a total weight of one hundred eighty one and a half pounds, plus they won the classic with just over twenty two pounds and finally the big bass for the classic just under seven pounds. Larry and Larry just missed out on the slam with their big bass for the year at eight point nine five pounds taking second place overall.

It was a good year for bass fishing with one thousand thirty four fish weighed in and only twenty five dead fish. It helped with exemptions of twelve inches instead of the state limit of fourteen. Below are pictures of the big fish for the year, another nice fish and the winning teams classic catch.
Mike has been fishing for 50 years. The first 16 years of fishing was for trout in the streams of Massachusetts. At 22 he moved to Florida for work and took up a whole new type of fishing “saltwater”. For the next several years he learned in-shore and off-shore fishing techniques. There was also the occasional shrimping expedition. At the tender age of 40 Mike then found even another form of fishing “Bass Fishing”. Chasing this elusive predator became Mike’s latest obsession. His motto is "I'd rather be fishing".
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