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Michael Guiles
"hawghawler" - Guest Blogger

St Johns River Tournament, Astor

Guest Blog by: Michael Guiles 6/23/2012
Last weekend we had our monthly tournament, this month was on the St Johns River out of the Astor public launch. The day started out beautiful with hardly any wind and nice blue skies. While most of the boats headed south to Lakes Dexter and Woodruff, a good number still went north to Lake George. A lot of people complained that there was not a very good early bite but the overall results were good. Our twenty three boat tournament caught a respectable eighty three fish. These results were not as good as last years tournament out of Astor but nice for the beginning of summer.

From what I was told the winning team went north to Lake George and caught a five fish limit of just over eighteen pounds. Their big fish was 6.35 pounds taking the big fish pot and beating out the second biggest fish of 6.33 pounds. Brian and Larry great job. When they got back to the weigh in Larry was pretty drenched from the bumpy ride back across Lake George, at least one side of him. The wind picked up a lot and made the lake a rough trip in. Second place was a pound back at seventeen and the final paying position of fifth was just over eleven pounds. While we did not catch a limit our two fish weighed in at over six pounds. Sure wish we filled out the limit, could have put us in the money. We actually beat out a couple of teams that had limits, showing how small a lot of the fish were.

Next month we will be on the Harris Chain of lakes, launching out of Buzzard Beach on Lake Eustis. This lake sometimes baffles the best of us with the off color of the water. I know many will be running to Lake Griffin, while most of the others will head to Lake Harris.
Mike has been fishing for 50 years. The first 16 years of fishing was for trout in the streams of Massachusetts. At 22 he moved to Florida for work and took up a whole new type of fishing “saltwater”. For the next several years he learned in-shore and off-shore fishing techniques. There was also the occasional shrimping expedition. At the tender age of 40 Mike then found even another form of fishing “Bass Fishing”. Chasing this elusive predator became Mike’s latest obsession. His motto is "I'd rather be fishing".
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