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Boe Jacquard
"BoeBass" - Guest Blogger

Lake Rousseau Fishing Trip

Guest Blog by: Boe Jacquard 7/13/2011
Weather is rainy but if you are a fisherman, you know the fishing can be explosive. The water temp has cooled a bit and the clouds have the fish moving. Sure enough, the bait started jumping and my biggest decision was what to throw. I grabbed a 7' baitcaster with one of my favorite topwater plugs and started casting. I fished for forty five minutes and had only one strike from a Gar. I figured it was time for something else, so I picked a Rapala 4" jerkbait and casted as my heart pumped with anticipation. I casted a second time at a stump 60' in front of me and as my bait bumped the side I was rewarded with a violent strike. I reeled in a 3 lb. Bass and proceeded on. Several casts later produced another quality fish. The technique worked for hours producing fish after fish. After a while the sun burnt through the clouds and the fishing slowed, I decided to change my tactics. I broke out my pitching rod and concentrated on heavy vegetation close to deeper water. Within five minutes I had my first strike. It was a small keeper. I fished for several more hours averaging a fish every twenty minutes or so and ended up catching three very nice fish over 4 lbs and several two to three lb. Bass.
Florida native with 45 years of fishing experience,both fresh and salt. 25 year pro fisherman and guide caught and released 470: 10 lb large mouth bass on natural and artificial baits.
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