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Class 1 Lakes
Class 2 Lakesnoyesyes
Class 3 & 4 Lakesnonoyes
Lake Stocking Details*   
Class 1 Lakessummarydetaileddetailed
Class 2 Lakessummarysummarydetailed
Class 3 & 4 Lakessummarysummarydetailed
Lake & River Conditions Reports   
Class 1 Lakes1 recent3 most recententire archive
Class 2 Lakesno3 most recententire archive
Class 3 & 4 Lakesnonoentire archive
Lake Map filter for fish species & boating typesnoyesyes
Campground & Boat Ramp photos & details*partialmostall
Filter Photos in gallery by lake & river partialmostall
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Private Map-based Fish Log for lakes & riversnonoyes
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Lake/river-specific Barometric Pressure Historynonoyes
Lake/river-specific Wind Historynonoyes
Lake/river-specific Wind Forecastsnonoyes
Lake/river-specific Sky-Cover Forecastsnonoyes
Lake-specific weather forecastsnonoyes
Lake/river-specific Moon/Sun Timesnonoyes
Moon Phases Calendarnonoyes
Lake & River Popularity Charts/Statsnonoyes
Personalized FxR Home Pagenonoyes
Personalized Profile Page (coming soon)nolimitedyes
River Hatch Chartsnonoyes
One-Shot color-coded river map showing river status/flows across statenonoyes
River Gages on maps and extra gage detailsnonoyes
*Where available
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Description of Lake Classes:
State Class 1 Lakes Class 2 Lakes Class 3 Lakes Class 4 Lakes Total
Colorado 54149292277772
California 72132475184
Florida 74521616158
Texas 784559146
Wyoming 611083145
Class 1 Lakes: The state's larger lakes, often with well maintained facilities and access, and focused fishery management.
Class 2 Lakes: The state's medium lakes and larger lakes with fewer facilities and less focused fishery management.
Class 3 Lakes: The state's smaller lakes and ponds with few or no facilities and less focused fishery management.
Class 4 Lakes: Any of the above, often a work-in-progress, with less researched information available on FishExplorer.