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Howdy guys & gals. I'm Noah. I'm a co-owner of a small carpentry business in Pueblo Colorado. But what I really am is an outdoor junkie. :)
I feel very fortunate to live in the best state of the greatest country in the world. We have so many wonderful outdoor opportunities here. And thanks to the conservation minded folks like the ones on this forum, I think our children & grandchildren we will have those opportunities for many years to come. I also love introducing new people to the outdoors, especially children!
The great thing about this site is that it allows anglers from across the state to help each other out, pass along information, and share great fishing stories & pictures. I have personally met and had the opportunity to fish with a good number of the members of this site. I have enjoyed that. and look forward to meeting more anglers from this site.

My two favorite outdoor passions, (and it is hard to pick two)
Are Bass fishing & Duck hunting! That's not to say I don't fish for other fish. In other words if it swims I want to catch it!
And I also love deer hunting almost as much as chasin' ducks.
My other real passion are Horses! I love training & riding them equally! And when I'm not fishing or hunting I am with the horses.

2009 was a banner year for my world of fishing. I took up the hard water addiction & picked up the long rod again.
I caught my personal best 5lb 0oz Largemouth Bass, my personal best 5lb 1oz Saugeye, I had my best ever fly fishing day, numbers wise with11 rainbow trout. I have other accomplishments from last years fishing excursions. But hey, as anglers don't we all.

2010 is already looking to be a banner year too! I have already had my single best day on the water numbers wise. With 41 fish caught through the ice on Jan 31. On that day I caught my first Kokanee salmon. Definitely one of the species on my 2010 fwish list.

Have a great 2011 outdoor season! Tight lines & see ya on the water....

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