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Lifetime resident of the Western Slope, I was born in Durango and shortly after moved to Rifle/Silt area. I grew up fishing the Colorado (it runs through my back yard) everyday and still do today. Growing up in the country I learned the value of conservation at a very young age. We raised our own livestock, grew our own produce, and harvested wild game and fish to feed our family. This wasnít a hobby for us it was our way of life. I have kids of my own now and Iím instilling the same values in them that were instilled in me so that they can teach their children someday. Besides my family, my passion is ice fishing, I try to fish every tournament in Colorado and spend close to 100 days a year chasing hard water. Iím an avid fly fisherman but wonít hesitate to pick up a spinning rod. In the summers you can find me chasing pike, Lakers, or bass around the western slope.

PLEASE release all walleyes caught in Rifle Gap Reservoir. I have noticed in the last couple of years that there are more little fish which means that they actually might be reproducing, lets keep it that way for a while!

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