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I'm fortunate enough to have grown up in a very patient family that constantly supported my growing fishing addiction. I started fishing for panfish and bass in Iowa with my Grandpa and stocker rainbows in Colorado with my Dad. Once I learned there was more to fishing than worms and powerbait I started to get fairly serious about the sport. I picked up flyfishing in my early teens and ice fishing a few years after that.

These days I primarily kayak fish for bass on the competitive circuit or fly-fish for trout in rivers across the intermountain west. I have fished competitively in Colorado, Indiana, and Iowa, winning a few and getting a few more top-10s along the way. Beyond tournament fishing for bass I am a skilled fly-fisherman and fly-tyer, primarily targeting trout.

Having landed in Utah and Idaho, I no longer fish Colorado much. Even so, feel free to contact me through the skipper link. I'm happy to help or just have a discussion about fishing. Tight lines!

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